59 Shake: You Want Fries with That?

The SexyATTACK cult spends a little quality time at the 59 Diner.

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Is this routine getting a little old? Or is it just that so much of it has stayed within a certain urban orbit? Sure, there was that IKEA visit, but how does the universal language of sexy dance translate elsewhere outside the Loop? When do we get to see this kind of action at the Hong Kong City Mall?

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  • It makes me laugh, but it also makes me think.

  • So what usually happens, do they call the place ahead of time and surprise the customers only, or do they surprise the owners of the establishment as well. I wonder if they have ever gotten kicked out?

  • I want to like SexyAttack, really I do – but they suck. What makes stuff like this funny is everyones reaction to what is going on, they never shoot peoples reactions, the camera work sucks, the sound sucks, they should get someone who knows what they are doing to shoot and edit their videos. (they could probably get a UofH student to do it for free!)

    How hard would it have been to plant a camera person at one of the tables before they all came in to perform?

    SexyAttack has a nice concept but they have a long way to go to really make their videos entertaining.

  • Oh gawd…not them again. So tedious now. And that guy with the yellow teeny tiny shorts — and that guy with the tube socks and brown shoes — ugh!

  • Next: How about Sexy Attack at Rice Epicurean on San Felipe! Give some entertainment to the Tanglewood housekeepers doing the dinner shopping.

  • ultralame
    not funny

  • Yawn.

    2006 called. It wanted it’s attempt at pseudo-entertaining performance art back.