A Club Takes Shape in Cottage Grove

5746 Larkin St., Cottage Grove, Houston

5746 Larkin St., Cottage Grove, HoustonReader Seán Judge notes the recent transformation of a warehouse property on Larkin St. near the corner of Sherwin in Cottage Grove, where something that “LOOKS like a little restaurant” is taking shape from a once-ramshackle property presided over by a metal building: “There’s a bunch of ‘parking lot’ space on one side, and what look like bistro tables sitting outside the building,” he notes. “It is definitely looking at least bar/loungey with a lot of liquor, cushy seats, tables outside. And a sign on the door saying ‘Private Party: Thank you. Management.’ . . . Any idea what may be going in there?”


5746 Larkin St., Cottage Grove, Houston

Earlier this month, the owner of the property at 5746 Larkin St. applied for a wastewater capacity reservation suitable for the remodeling of the 2000-sq.-ft. warehouse building into a club.

Photos: Seán Judge

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  • I live around the corner and was invited by the owner to the private party. I’m very excited about this place opening up. I think the name is or will be something like “Down the Street” or something like that. It’s going to be a great spot to grab a drink or bite and site outside. The owner and staff were very welcoming and service during the party was great. I had one of their specialty cocktails, the Larkin Manhattan. It was very good and, almost as importantly, did not take forever to make despite a pretty busy bar. Bottled beer prices were also very reasonable. They’re suppose to have something like over 20 beers on tap (maybe more – I can’t remember) that were not up and running as of the party, but will be by opening. The decor was unfinished, but you can already see the potential when hearing about what it’s going to look like when it officially opens to the public. It should look really nice and upscale, yet still comfortable and befitting a neighborhood watering hole. It will definitely be my new “go to” spot for drinks at night or coffee and a pastry in the morning and, eventually, Sunday brunch. While at the party, I also heard someone say steak night. Please – make it so.

  • “Down the Street” has “softly” opened to the public. My husband and I went there this evening. We talked to the GM and they still have about 20 days of work left to do to officially open, but are now open Thurs., Fri., & Sat. until then. They have a full bar and kitchen. They are not serving food yet, but they mentioned that they intend to have steak nights, burgers, and other food and eventually plan to have Sunday brunch and even coffee and breakfast in the mornings. They have specialty drinks, wine, and beer all at reasonable prices. Plenty of TV’s as well.

  • Does anyone have contact information. I am planning an event and want to talk to the owner about it.