A Flash of Red Graces Midtown Bar Bourbon on Bagby

Red Tag at Bourbon on Bagby, 2708 Bagby St., Midtown,  Houston

Red Tag at Bourbon on Bagby, 2708 Bagby St., Midtown,  HoustonA patron of Bourbon on Bagby, the latest incarnation of the former OTC Midtown bar at 2708 Bagby St. in Midtown, notes a city inspector has found some basic problems with the bar. Something about not having a certificate of occupancy, and needing a permit for enclosing some windows in the patio-facing structure.

A red tag noting the issues went up on the front door on February 10th, but the dining and drinking establishment at the corner of Bagby and Dennis appears to be still operating.

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What Isn’t Permitted

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  • It is surprisingly easy to get away with running a business in Houston with no Occupancy Permit. Source: I worked for a locally-owned retail shop that had somehow avoided getting an Occupancy Permit for 18+ years by stringing inspectors along and having city paperwork “fall through the cracks” (there was no way the building would have passed fire & electrical inspection). I would not be at all surprised if bribes were involved. Ahh, good ‘ole Houston!

  • Probably don’t want to be putting someones cellphone information out there.

  • The number looks consistent with the other CITY numbers listed on the notice; it does not appear to be a cell phone. Maybe someone should call it and see? :)

  • I passed by this morning, the RED, errr, ORANGE tag was removed. ‘Must have got it all straightened out, or not.

  • @Purple City

    While yes, it is more “orange” than “red” in color especially in this particular photograph, these are colloquially known as “red tags” by most people in Houston. Common phrases include “getting red-tagged” and “slapping with a red tag.”