A Jolt to Strip Centers Everywhere

A JOLT TO STRIP CENTERS EVERYWHERE Radio Shack, Klein, TexasRadio Shack announced this morning that it plans to close up to one-fifth of its U.S. stores. News had leaked earlier this month that the Dallas Fort Worth-based electronics chain had plans to close about 500 “underperforming” locations. This morning’s announcement brings that number up to 1,100, but no specific stores have been identified for shuttering. There are more than 80 Radio Shack locations in the greater Houston area. [Wall St. Journal] Photo: News92FM

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  • So long to a glorified cell-phone store. Don’t know how it’s stayed around as long as it has. And I doubt the re-branding they’re going for will work, either

  • By their own numbers, we’ll lose around 16 stores in the local area. Instead of joining in on the eulogy, I’ll just remember the days when RS was a “must stop” for every mall trip. You could see the latest in stereo equipment (remember Realistic?), check out the high tech TRS-80 computers (256K RAM? Why would I need at that memory for? Am I launching the space shuttle?!…), and see all the latest gadgets (still have my first LCD calculator from 1979 – and yes, it still works great, thanks for asking!). Maybe I need to visit the one near my house, because I just realized I haven’t stepped into one in over 5 years.

  • I’ve been impressed that they’ve held on for so long, I’ve been expecting them to close all their stores, I get the feeling this announcement is just the first domino for Radio Shack, Frankly, I don’t know anyone who shops there anymore.

  • From what I hear Radio Shack will go retro and start to specialize in electronics again …. things you just can’t find in most places (i.e. not cell phones or tablets). I just might start visiting them again if they do.

  • Yeah, RadioShack is pretty much your only brick-and-mortar option for small electronic parts, cables, wire, adapters, and tools. And they have some pretty cool electronic toys and specialty batteries. They should focus on that stuff.

  • Once, while looking for batteries for my thing that needed those mini screw drivers the clerk let me use it there for free. I still bought the driver set but that impressed me.

  • Uhh…Fort Worth based…

  • I didn’t even know they were still in business, but then again, I haven’t had the need to seek out their business. I was last brought into the store in the early 80s by my parents. Even then it felt outdated.

  • @RedScare: Thanks! Fixed that.

  • The Montrose-area Radio Shack came in handy when I was building a home theater system and I needed various little bits of stereo wire and terminal connections and adapters and an RCA cable. The staff were very knowledgeable folks, and also friendly. However, my typical purchase was a couple of dollars. You can’t run a store like that on people like me.

  • I still like radio shack. I am not a big do-it-yourselfer electronics guy, but when i do I go to radio shack. They have all the little parts you need for this or that. They always have at least one guy there that really knows what he is talking about and can find you what you need.

  • I still run in there if there’s something I need and don’t want to wait for it to be shipped, but what killed the store experience for me was the incessant push to purchase additional items when I was in there for one item.

  • Funny you show one with a cop car in front of it. The Meadows Place, TX Radio Shack has been robbed twice and it is literally right across the street from the police station.