A New Steel Sculpture To Stitch Lower Midtown into the GRB’s Quilt Fest Circuit

It may have been erected on a one-way northbound street in Lower Midtown, but this new sculpture now standing in front of the oak trees outside the San Jacinto St. entrance to the Bermac Arts Building just south of Cleburne was designed to flag down visitors from Downtown: Quilt Peace, constructed of powder-coated-steel, marks the entrance to the offices and exhibition space of the Community Artists’ Collective, where the Jubilee Quilt Circle meets twice a week to stitch works by hand or with the computer-controlled longarm flatbed stitcher onsite. “Quilt Peace is our tribute to the November 2017 International Quilt Festival at the George R. Brown Convention Center,” explains artist Michelle Barnes — who also happens to be the Collective’s executive director. “. . . We want to demonstrate our connection with quilting to the thousands of convention visitors.

Photo: Community Artists’ Collective.

Quilt Peace

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  • so now metro is putting alarms for when a train detects people with a Bluetooth…that things gonna be going off constantly cause 75% of the people walking around downtown are stareing at their phones. and 50% of the people driving cars downtown are on the phone too especially after they get off work. nice try but….this will be a joke I’m thinking at some point cause the population has become a joke.