A Patio Home Near Garden Oaks That Runs $2,850 a Month, With or Without a Leash



Dog friendly? Maybe. But cats, the listing says, are a deal-breaker for leasing this 2005 patio home in a quad-plex located one street south of the Garden Oaks section between Ella Blvd. and N. Shepherd Dr. Like a quick swipe of lipstick to attract notice, a reddish zipline tops the front porch and extends around the home’s mid-section. Lawn maintenance is included in the home’s $2,850 monthly rate. So are the baby gates, kiddie locks, and a fair amount of wainscot:



The floor plan is wide open on the first level, which has hardwood flooring in the somewhat divided living and dining space at the front of the home:


In the photo above, a column hides the hallway to the kitchen:


A lip of bar-height countertop serves both the kitchen and adjacent family room. The spaces also share windows . . .


and a tad more framelike trim:


All 3 bedrooms are upstairs. The master suite includes a sitting area in the bay window at the front of the 2,575-sq.-ft. home:



In the bathroom, there’s a split vanity to handle high- and low-waisted users . . .


and a split tub-shower setup:


The master closet, however, is shared:


The secondary bedrooms . . .



each get a vanity entrance to the tub and potty:



Some of the shade in the fenced back yard comes from the covered walkway leading to the 2-car garage. Its bays open to a driveway shared with 3 other patio homes rocking the same red-lined paint scheme.


Some extra parking cozies up to landscaping next to the house, which looks north from its porch entry:


Elsewhere on the block, a long one running between Golf and Alba streets, properties are a mix of original homes, newish townhomes, and light industrial space. Despite missing the Garden Oaks subdivision by a block, the home is zoned to Garden Oaks Elementary School, located slightly northeast of this property.


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  • Yes, let me pay 2900 to rent a house in an area surrounded by sketchy neighborhoods, zoned to those world class HISD schools! I can understand the attraction to Garden Oaks, but I’d NEVER pay those prices to live in that area, I’d rather take the 2900 and rent a place River Oaks adjacent or if I had kids deep Memorial. Oh and this house is ugly to boot.

  • * I mean rent an apartment in those areas for 2900 of course, not house.

  • For the first time ever, I do agree with Shannon. This house is ugly. Of course, that’s just my opinion (and his/hers) and will have no effect on the selling price.
    I don’t see anything that sets this place apart from countless other new builds that are dull and non descript.
    Maybe a little color would help. Again, my opinion.

  • …there is apparently a lot of demand to get in to Garden Oaks Montessori (HISD), …But is there this much demand?

  • They should have no problem getting that amount for rent. Overall a very clean looking house.

  • This is a totally fair amount to ask. Whoever said the area is shady has not been up here recently and seen the amount of $million+ homes going in. This area is fabulous for families and Garden Oaks Montessori and St Rose of Lima are both within walking distance. This is a great deal to get into this neighborhood. Demand is high to live here, houses fly off the market.

    If you don’t care for it fine, but negative opinions from those who do not know the market here are pointless.

  • Any ideas why the owner would accept a dog but not a cat?

  • It is in the middle of the industrial area in GOOF and is a collection of builder design cliches (though nothing offensive, just bland). But $2,850 to lease a 2500 sq ft house with a half decent sized yard is a bit of a steal in the current market. Garden Oaks Montessori is an excellent school and is now K-8. They have a $27 mil bond and will renovate and add on to the current building in 2017. Similar property in the Heights zoned to Harvard or Travis would go for $3,500. In River Oaks, you would be looking at $4,000+ for a similar rental.

  • Very good and highly desirable area…lots of high end homes here and owner will have no problem in leasing this out

  • It does seem odd that they’d allow a dog but not a cat. Dogs (at least in my opinion) are more destructive, smell worse, and unlike a cat, can’t be declawed. Maybe the owner’s allergic to cats and wants the option of moving back in?

  • @ Progg, because cats suck.

  • The only thing “sketchy” about the area is its current light industrial character, which a quick look at the aerial photos show is rapidly (in the real estate sense) going away. Garden Oaks has its own “little River Oaks” aura, in the sense that new residential construction and businesses that are more than a long par 5 away from the area are putting “Garden Oaks” in their name. If you want sketchy, go across Yale on the east boundary of Garden Oaks – but even that will not last forever.

  • Residential leases are generally at market if the monthly rent is 1% of the selling price. So, would this place be able to bring $285K on the market? I think it would.

  • These are all over Garden Oaks – I think they are Sandcastle Homes. They are as uninspired inside as out.

  • Having had the wonderful experience of stripping most of a rental house down to the studs and floor joists, then bleaching and sealing the bare wood due to one tenant and her piss cats, I’m firmly in the “no cats” camp as well. The carpets literally (litterally?) left pooled cat urine in the driveway once we hauled them out. The plywood under said carpet was soaked through. The sheetrock on the walls was swollen at the baseboards. It was a complete gut and refurb after a long fight to evict, and I’ll never do that again. There is no removing the smell of cat urine, and the only way to keep it from getting in your home is to keep the cats out.

  • You can always tell the people who have property in an area. I mean little RO??? WTF? Nobody would ever confuse any part of Garden Oaks with RIVER OAKS! I can’t be lice anyone would rent a house in this area for that much. Just rent a condo or large apartment in a much better area. People on here act like Garden Oaks is like the M Streets in Dallas! Get real.

  • Shannon – Homes *are* renting for that much in the area because I think it is cheaper to pay the rent and get your kid(s) in a school with a good reputation (even if they don’t qualify or get lucky in the lottery for magnet or vanguard programs) than to pay private school tuition. But it certainly is no little RO by any stretch of the imagination.

  • One toddler will do more damage than a dozen dogs or cats. If I’m ever a landlord, I will seriously consider a no kids policy.

  • If people just learned to crate children like we do with dogs it would be much easier.

  • Here Shannon goes with the Dallas bullshit. This discussion has nothing to do with Dallas Shannon.

  • Hey, John slow your role dude, don’t you know everything is about Dallas…where have you been?

  • A previous statement here is correct about a small child or kid doing more damage than a dog or cat.
    The owner doesn’t allow cats because the owner was probably a rodent in a previous life.
    Oops !…Can I say that here !

  • Superdave, I hate to tell you this, but families are a protected class under Federal Fair Housing laws. If you were ever a landlord and had a no kids policy, it would be the same as having a no African American or no Asians or no Jews policy. Can’t do it. If you are a landlord, you have to take the little buggers.

  • …and the asking price/rent has been reduced (reslisted with a whole new listing) to $2600