A Post Oak Park Goodbye Timelapse

A POST OAK PARK GOODBYE TIMELAPSE David Weihs “had a little time” on his hands yesterday afternoon — his last day at work in his current job is this Friday, he writes. Also at his disposal: a Galaxy S5 and a little everyday movie-making technology. So in an hour he put together this collection of views from the tenth floor of the Five Post Oak Park office building at 4400 Post Oak Pkwy. [Reddit] Video: David Weihs

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  • Best part = time laps of the time laps :)

  • Increase your frame rate a hair on the post side and increase your bokeh/tilt shift a smidgen or four and you’ve got the miniature stage set stop motion look you’re going for. Right now you’re around an O – S scale. I think what you’re after is more in the HO – Z scale range. Best of luck in your new digs timelapse dude!

  • we should all have a little time on our hands a little more often