A Restaurant Reno in Upper Kirby

It appears that this former caterer’s at 3030 Audley St. and Sul Ross is being converted into a restaurant. Photos of the building show that permits for the Upper Kirby location on the other side of W. Alabama from Lamar High School have been acquired to rebuild the roof, which, according to info on NuHabitat, was damaged by Hurricane Ike. The name of the new restaurant will be the Audley Street Cafe.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Seems a bit risky to open a cafe on a side street not visible from W. Alabama, unless it’s so good that the off-drag locale ends up adding to the hip factor.

  • Id think this has more of a chance of being in the demolition report than the new restaurant guide–is this really the maximum usage for this lot at this location–hmmm

  • Doesn’t seem risky. It’s walking distance from the high school and a few large office buildings where I see employees walking to lunch.

  • Uh all restaurant ventures are risky–even Tony’s had failures

  • Tiny Box Wood is in the same area. They don’t seem to be having problems. Parking doesn’t seem to be a problem for this place either. Plenty of residence and commercial office space around to appreciate this place if executed properly.

  • I ran into the contractor at the Health Dept a while back, He told me about this little place. Hoping it opens soon. Supposed to be opened by a former chef of the Kirby Carrabbas :D