A Toilet-Tank Aquarium’s New Life in a Riverside Terrace Bathroom Redo

The Fish ’n Flush toilet-tank aquarium can’t support life without a connection to a power outlet — unavailable in this particular guest bath — but that didn’t stop the owners of the 3-bedroom at 3838 Southmore from extending the piscine theme to the rest of their bathroom after moving into the home. The couple bought the house in 2016 and renovated the room, which was previously featured on Swamplot. Having documented the work on their own blog, they now send these photos in an update on the porcelain apparatus.

The photo below shows the bathroom with new wainscoting, navy paint, and two framed fish renderings hanging above the window next to the shower. To the right of the window, the toilet sits in a separate room:


The new homeowners suspect that the aquatic amenity was relocated to its current spot from the master bath. Although the fish tank is not totally functional, the toilet’s flushing capabilities are: A separate tank sits sealed off inside the larger aquarium, powering tidal motion in the bowl below.

When you enter the toilet room, the poster catalogues possible future residents:

More than a dozen flying fish overhead hang permanently out of water:

Photos: Dana Morris

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