Riverside Terrace Extra: Toilet Fish Included

Bathroom with Toilet Fish Tank, 3838 Southmore Blvd., University Woods, Houston

“Fish tank in face bowl” is the actual caption to this photo in the listing for 3838 Southmore, in University Woods, by Riverside Terrace.

Face bowl?

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. Clearly, though, this one ought to count for more than just a half. The home is listed at $224,999 — bathroom aquarium included.

After the jump: How to get your own very private fish tank . . . without having to buy the whole house!


It’s 1,898 sq. ft. on a 6,900-sq.-ft. lot:

3838 Southmore Blvd., University Woods, Houston

Dining Room, 3838 Southmore, University Woods, Houston

Study, 3838 Southmore Blvd., University Woods, Houston

But the Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium is available by itself . . . for only $300! Here’s an exciting video of how it works. The real action starts about halfway through:

Fish ‘n Flush

One Comment

  • It lists the “face bowl” amenity not just once but twice! What on earth is a face bowl??? Is that the fancy new name for the commode?

    Also, realtor dude, stucco in Houston is NOT a good thing. I wouldn’t promote that if I were you.

    God, I love that face bowl.