A Woman’s Work Is Abandoning the Village

Breastfeeding and baby care HQ A Woman’s Work will be shutting down its Rice Village storefront at the end of March. Owner Sandie Lemke plans to move the store by then to a second-floor office at 4101 Greenbriar just south of 59, where she’ll continue her breastfeeding consulting and sales operation on a smaller scale — and by appointment only. “I . . . made the decision to downsize a bit so I can focus on my passion and what I have always considered my product – Breastfeeding,” she writes in an email sent to customers and forwarded to Swamplot. Breastfeeding classes and consulting, breast pumps for sale or rent, and baby slings will still be available at the new location, as well as bra fitting and maternity support services.

Meanwhile, there’s the most-stuff-at-25-percent-off moving sale at the A Woman’s Work storefront at 2401 Rice Blvd., on the corner of Morningside. Lemke founded the store 20 years ago; it’s been at the same location for more than a decade. A couple of years ago, Lemke closed down A Woman’s Workshop, a gathering and classroom space for parenting support groups that occupied a separate storefront across Morningside.

Photo: A Woman’s Work

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  • A Woman’s Work is the public breast exposure mecca of Houston. I suppose the most obvious replacement tenant would be Hooters or Twin Peaks–but either would be tame considering the sights to be seen at A Woman’s Work.

  • A mom myself, I greatly respect the “work” this store is about but I haaaaaaate the name! I actually probably could have benefitted but some of her products/services, but I could never bring myself to go in because the name is such a turnoff.

  • I loved that store–it was a lifesaver for me and for a lot of my friends.

    I’m perplexed by Mel’s comment and I guess I’m calling his/her bluff.

    As for the name, it always made me think of that song by Kate Bush.

  • The services offered at A Woman’s Work are so valuable (and I am not talking about “entertaining” the immature folks like Mel); without the LLBC I worked with when I was a new mom, or the support and products offered there I would have been miserable. Plus the clothes are wonderful, for both mom and baby.

  • That sucks.

  • Are you denying the amount of exposed flesh at Woman’s Work? Sorry to make light of such a serious topic…

  • Bummer. I hope they are still successful in their new location. Or were they not successful enough in the Village? Squeezed out by high rent? Any details available?

  • What’s going in next? What is the rent rate? Who is the landlord? What do you think would be a good replacement tenant?


  • I’m in the same boat as Amanda – the name totally skeeved me out. The allusion to the Kate Bush song didn’t help matters.

  • Yeah, that name. Babies, birth & breastfeeding aren’t the sole calling of every woman. And I also thought of the Shedaisy song “A woman’s work is never done, never when she’s a loaded gun….”

  • I think she meant IBCLC (lactation consultant).
    I also find the news sad. The store was so beautiful inside–I felt special walking in to rent a scale, get a consult, buy some clothes, or just use the couches to take a break and feed my babes (with Sandie’s help, I breastfed twins!).
    I didn’t really understand the name of the store (silly me, I didn’t even realize that it was a store geared toward breastfeeding!) until I had children myself–birthing and breastfeeding a child is definitely work, the work that only a woman can do!
    My twins are six now. They love walking past the window displays. We’ll have to go again tomorrow, and sit on the couches one last time.
    The upside of the move is that it sounds like A Woman’s Work is now going to be in the same building as a large pediatric practice; for those families getting breastfeeding help should be easier than ever.

  • I wish Sandie all the best. I really loved the Village location, but the upside is that she will be right next to my baby’s pediatrician.

    To any new mother struggling with breastfeeding, Sandie is a precious resource. She absolutely saved my nursing relationship with my son when no one else, including the hospital lactation consultants, could do a thing for me.

    Mel, grow up. It’s breastfeeding. There will always be flesh involved. If you don’t like it, put a blanket over your head.

  • FYI – You do not need an appointment to go to the new store. You only need an appointment for a lactation consultation.