ALDI Taking the Yoga Collective’s Spot in Garden Oaks; Other New Tenants in the Works

ALDI TAKING THE YOGA COLLECTIVE’S SPOT IN GARDEN OAKS; OTHER NEW TENANTS IN THE WORKS Betsy Denson confirms this morning that an ALDI will be that “something bigger” taking over the endcap space in the N. Shepherd Dr. shopping center north of 38th St., once the Yoga Collective is booted out. (The German grocery chain will also take over that long-empty vacuum shop space next door). Hartman Management rep Danny Morales also tells Denson that a few more large tenants are likely headed to the strip center, and that just under 5,000 sq. ft. of new freestanding space is currently under construction.  The space marked for ALDI is right across Garden Oaks Blvd. from the Sears complex that Weingarten previously had its eye on. [The Leader; previously on Swamplot] Photo of 3839D N. Shepherd Dr.: Yoga Collective

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  • Tried Aldi again today at lunch. One cashier and 4 people in line. Crappy selection of salsa. Never again. Walked out.

  • I am excited about this. I am sick of the uppity yuppies on Next Door bitching about the yoga collective going away. There is no shortage of yoga studios in this city, yet we are held captive by shitty Kroger in the Heights. Aldi has much better prices than Kroger.

  • Amen Kristin. The self-absorbed yuppies/Millenials/Snowflakes are so full of their own crap it’s sickening.They do nothing but complain about ( pick a subject ) and yet they have no concrete ideas about IMPROVING the things they criticize. Big shocker. We don’t need any more fricking yoga studios. We’re over saturated with those over priced places. They’ll phase out in less than 5 years. I say MORE reasonably priced grocery stores that sell alcohol and made in store food. COMPETITION rocks !!! And do yoga at home. Save time,$$$$ and the environment.

  • With a For Lease sign now on the property, is Aldi really going to move in? Perhaps they could buy the Family Bingo hall on Crosstimbers. It just went on the market for 5.5 million.