Among the Giant Bugs of Midtown, Up on the Roof

Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia, who’s been steadily documenting the transformation of the vacant former Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority building on Fannin between Tuam and Drew into a canvas for street artist Daniel Anguilu and a few friends, was able to tour the building’s roof earlier this week. Commissioned by commercial real-estate broker Adam Brackman — whose family owns the building — Anguilu has already wrapped critter-filled paintings around much of the building’s ground floor for his “Public Decor Project.” But up in the Midtown sky, the work he and a few collaborators are creating on a few stray surfaces comes across as something else entirely:


Garcia says Anguilu — who also goes by “Weah” — hopes all the work will “tie together” when it’s complete. He’s still painting on the ground floor as well.

Photos: Candace Garcia

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