Daily Demolition Report: Stocking Stuffers

Set with care under a few trees in the nick of time: a few hot items, including a mid-century mod in River Oaks and a colonial revival from 1928 taking up 2 lots in Boulevard Oaks. Plus, a kickoff for Kickerillo:



Photo of 10 Shadder Way: HAR

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  • Damn the ignorant, taste-impaired fools who would tear down that Shadder place beauty.

  • The destruction of 10 Shadder Way breaks my heart. 1.8 acres of beauty and mid-century architecture desecrated to provide room for, what? A hideous McMansion, rife with turrets and totally lacking in charm. I has a sad….


    This is one of the most amazing houses that I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe that they’re tearing it down. FUCK YOU RIVER OAKS.

  • That is total madness to tear that house down. There is no accounting for taste!

  • Shadder Way is a damn shame. I am gonna drive over there now to get a look at it… if it’s still there. The North Blvd. house that is coming down is a dump. It has a horrible addition that ruined the original house. The new homeowner is building a custom house that will fit the scale of the neighborhood nicely (she’s a current resident).

  • Wow. Trulia still has the active listing for Shadder Way. What a beautiful home. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Gotta love the internet. Looks like the new owners currently live at 5300 Bayou Glen. That should give you some idea of what’s coming. The current owner also happens to be a partner in a biz. that specializes in bldg. medium sized strip centers. Gotta love Houston! Merry Christmas, Swamp Things…

  • Shame on the seller’s for selling it to be demolished.

  • @J, the sellers likely got the price they were looking for, and obviously didn’t want the property any longer. It’s not their fault the buyer has different tastes.

  • J: No, shame on the people that want it preserved for not buying it and preserving it.
    Why does everyone feel they have the right to tell other people what to do with their property? If you want to keep some old place standing, despite the market suggesting its not at its highest/best use, then buy it and turn it into a shrine.