An Online How-To Guide for Houston’s Would-Be Preservationists

AN ONLINE HOW-TO GUIDE FOR HOUSTON’S WOULD-BE PRESERVATIONISTS The Planning and Development Department has just launched a website that helps navigate the finicky process of historic preservation. It’s still under construction, of course, but the website works like a manual, explaining, among other things, how to plan a project and obtain those all-important Certificates of Appropriateness. If you’re not into the nuts and bolts of preservation, the website includes a map of the city’s 17 historic districts — including Glenbrook Valley, where this mod at 7919 Glenview was recently restored. Each district is given a little narrative treatment, with drawings of architectural styles and descriptions of pertinent building features included. And if you have no idea what a modillion or a soffit is, there’s even a glossary. [City of Houston Historic Preservation Manual; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Benjamin Hill Photography

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  • Too bad that when you watch the hearings of the HAHC many of their “decisions” are based on so called “gut feelings” regarding size and scope. How many people have had to appeal because their plans were in adherence to these guidelines but the HAHC members denied approval anyway?

  • no historical district in the East End on the city’s map… come on over, and mow something down.