And Just Imagine How Well They’d Do If There Were Jobs or Shopping Nearby!

AND JUST IMAGINE HOW WELL THEY’D DO IF THERE WERE JOBS OR SHOPPING NEARBY! Discovery at Spring Trails, Land Tejas’s gated and solar-panel-badged community north of Spring, is selling well, says Lisa Gray: “. . . only a few weeks after Discovery put itself on the market, and without even a finished house that would-be buyers can tour, most of the lots ready for building have been optioned, and the developer is scrambling to make more available fast. In fact, Discovery is off to the fastest start of any development in the company’s 11-year history, and Land Tejas expects demand to pick up even more this fall. Already, propelled mostly by Google searches, 200 to 300 people a week are touring the neighborhood’s ‘Discovery Center.'” [Houston Chronicle]

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  • Back around the turn of the century, during the dotcom bubble, I worked for a Land Tejas front company(ClearWorks) which was created to bring “smart home” technology to the masses.

    At the time LT’s Canyon Gate at Northpointe was touted as “The first all-digital and intelligent community is being built anywhere in America”. Even though the intelligence never did take hold much past the idea stage.

    It was a way for LT to promote their communities by throwing around some popular buzzwords and acronyms of the time… smart home, intelligent communities, bundled digital services(BDS), Fiber to the home(FTTH)yadayadayada.

    I wonder if this is the game Land Tejas is now playing with this new, solar-panel badged community and all the buzz around being “green”?

    Caveat Emptor!

  • What a joke of a neighborhood. For being a “green” community, they sure are taking down a lot of trees in the surrounding woods. But then again, it is Land Tejas…that’s what they do! Plus, the jobsites where the homes are being built are a complete mess with trash and debris all over the place. Certainly not appealing to potential buyers…however, there’s not even a decent entrance off Riley Fuzzel.

  • Selling well? I just read that there has only been one closing…in almost a year the community has been open? What happened to Imperial Homes? Looks like they pulled out…smart decision!

  • I visited the Discovery Center and several of the homes. There are solar panels on every home, energy management systems too! Very impressive. Only community where I could find a builder who would certify the home to a REAL construction standard for green (LEEDS or EFL) It really is fiber to every home.