Astrodome To Be Highlighted for Supporting Role as Super Bowl Storage Facility

Astrodome Super Bowl Lighting Rendering

Judge Emmett’s office passes along the rendering above today, showing plans for the Astrodome’s Super Bowl vestment — namely, a new swath of blue-green lighting around the stadium’s exterior wall. That proposed projected light show on the roof got shot down in the fall, along with the possibility of holding any events in the building; Brent Schrotenboer of USAtoday notes the Dome currently holds the distinction of “biggest and most famous storage facility in Texas,” however, and as such will be carrying out its related stuff-holding duties for a variety of Super Bowl lead-up events. 

Rendering of Astrodome Super Bowl lighting: Super Bowl Host Committee

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  • Great news! I hope it looks good on TV.

  • Judge Emmett is our Houston’s own Boss Tweed. It just seems like he is irrationally opposed to knocking down the Astrodome. I assume it either comes to down protection of his construction buddies or some other money laundering that is going through there somehow. I mean 100 million which could be put towards flood control sounds like a better idea than a parking garage. Eventually either an audit or an investigative report will finally let us know what the real story there is. And then we’ll all say, ‘ah now I see.’.

  • Wow, I mean…Wow!

    As a native Houstonian/Harris Countian this just brings a tear to my eye in its beauty.

    So proud right now…..

  • as a native houstonian, I’m embarrassed this thing is still there. it makes us look like backwards hillbillies to the rest of the country.

  • Good, but I was hoping for those great moving laser projections like at the San Antonio Catherdal and other projections around the world. A stampede of horses running around the dome. Now that would be epic

  • Looks like Htownproud missed my dripping sarcasm.

  • brad m, as you likely know, comments are delayed on this site. your comment was not up yet . . . .