At Home in Meadowbrook Freeway

AT HOME IN MEADOWBROOK FREEWAY Found in the living room of a 53-year-old home still occupied by 40-something twins on the corner of Glenscott and Hinman, just northwest of the Gulf Freeway’s Monroe exit: the decomposing corpse of their 88-year-old mother. A neighbor had called Adult Protective Services after the woman, who had been active in the Meadowbrook Freeway Civic Club, stopped returning messages. A police source described the smell as “unimaginable,” a police source tells 11 News reporter Courtney Zubowski: “’Everything was closed up for so long,’ said the neighbor. ‘She would go to the country for a week or she would go to the country for maybe two weeks tops and this is like three months, maybe two-and-a-half months.’ What detectives are trying to figure out now is why the brothers didn’t call for help.” [KHOU 11 News; previously on Swamplot]

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  • My take? They didn’t want to be arrested for killing their mother.

  • Easy – they wanted to keep collecting her social security checks.

  • ^^^^^

    That, too.

  • “still occupied by 40-something twins”

    Ooh, that speaks volumes….

  • Oh yes!! ‘Mommy Deadest’

  • Rumor is these guys were mentally impaired. They don’t appear to have shaved or bathed since their mother died…she may have had to instruct them on their everyday activities. There’s a story here, for sure.(She gave birth to twins at the age of 41 in 1962, and named them both Ed.Hmmmm)

  • Sally, you are a regular Miss Marple!

  • The woman was a friend of my family for many years through our church. We all knew that the twins were not all there, although their mother never would admit to it. But no one would have dreamed of something like this. My mother not long ago emailed one of the sons a message for the mother (after we now know she died), to which one of the sons emailed back that he would pass the message on to his mother. Very creepy.

  • When they make the made-for-TV movie about this, Zach Galifinakis should play the twins.