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  • This home is absolutely beautiful!
    One photo does not do it justice. The vaulted ceiling in the living room, the front entry way, the private entrance for the Master Suite.
    If you’re reading this, and in the market, take a little time to check it out!

  • Saw this home when it was up for sale last time and it’s a damn work of art. To this day I still think about the giant living room and wish I had bought it (I had just bought another). Such a cool house!

  • So many pictures of the exterior and the large family room! What’s wrong with the rest of the house?

  • Most that are familiar with Glenbrook Valley know that big mid at 7911 Santa Elena with the metal roof and steel beams that come off the carport. The original owners of that one, the Richardsons, sold it in 1973, moved to Conroe, then moved back to Glenbrook about 1975 and built this home. It was originally brick, but the second owner stuccoed it. It is another of the really unique houses over there.

  • Gyldenege said some listing services still have the photos on their websites. The home, located in a notoriously flood-prone neighborhood at 590 Mosswood Drive in Conroe, initially had been on the market for 40 days without any significant attention. In that time, fewer than 1,000 people had viewed the photos on the website, she said.