Aw, Shucks

AW, SHUCKS No official confirmation yet, unless you count one corroborating report on Yelp — but reader Jack McBride reports that Shuck Daddy’s seafood restaurant at 1511 Shepherd in Cottage Grove appears to have closed. Writes McBride: “I drive by here everyday on my way home from work, and it was just in the last week that I saw it super packed.” [Swamplot inbox] Photo: Jack McBride

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  • The second iteration of a restaurant at the location by the same owners now closed.

    I didn’t go to either one there.

  • Can I have Mak chin’s back now?

  • Loved Mak Chins! They should bring that back. One visit to shucks and that was enough for me.

  • I went over a year ago. it was so-so. I wonder if Mambo’s will go in here since they owned Shuck Daddy’s.

  • Are some locations jinxed, like this one and the spot mentioned last week on Shepherd north of Westheimer? Look at how many things have been in that building across from the Chelsea Market on Montrose? And Chelsea Market itself.
    Anyone recall when Butera’s was in a building that is now a Glassell parking lot? People lined up out the door, then Butera’s moved to the Chelsea Market and it was all downhill. They disappeared few years later. I have always wondered about those spots where it seems no one can succeed.

  • Chelsea Market, although nice, is not in a convenient location.

    Mak Chin’s and Shuck Daddy’s did very little if any promotion for that location. A group of friends that eat out way more than I care to never went to either restaurants that were there. They went to pretty much every place around it. There reason is that no one recommended the place and there was nothing they could learn about it before going to eat there.

  • Im suprised to hear this — this place always did seem to be packed. I’ve been there several times and enjoyed my meals, although the place was REALLY loud when even half full. I agree with those who liked it as Mak Chin, but that concept is now history. I would not be surprised to see it become Mambo’s, but if so, my days of visiting this location are over. I’ll mosey on down the street to BRC.

  • This got one really bad and really widely publicised review that I think had a lot to do with no one ever giving it a chance.

  • Especially since Two Rows in the village is closing….I’d love to see someone seize the opportunity to open a brewpub at this location.

  • What? Two Rows closing? When?

  • With regard to Two Rows, from what I understand the rent went up and the lease was not renewed. I always assumed they did good business as there were always people there. *shrug* I wonder how many other places in the village may disappear.

  • Two Rows is busy, it’s just the profit margin is slim to the point where the rent going up meant either raising prices or moving.

    If Two Rows has to close, I don’t know how the Japanese and Indian restaurant across the way make it.

  • aww man, I love Bombay Brasserie, their lunch buffet always makes my day, I would hate to see it go.

  • I went to Shuck Daddy’s soon after it opened and I wasn’t impressed. Seemed too much like the seafood version of Hooters.

    It’d be nice if they turned it into a Mambo’s, but then the locals would complain about Mambo’s (along with WalMart) bringing in the ‘wrong crowd’.

  • Agreed, aside from the dining area BRC is ace, especially for breakfast/brunch. They look like they spent lavishly to bring Shuck Daddys to life, and likely didn’t cover their margins after the initial honey moon period was over. I knew the end was near when I saw thei sign advertising all you can eat crab, shrimp etc. Mak Chins started off just wonderful with their well stocked condiment bar (loved that), then towards the end the food just seemed like it went off a cliff. The ex GF and I had some of the spiciest food I’ve ever had, and I love hot/spicy foods — it was serious overkill hot. Weird, I’m sure it had a lot to do with their finances at the time.

  • I went to Shuck Daddy’s twice. First time not so good but the second time I went it was good. Sometimes it takes some time to iron out the kinks. Maybe it takes too long for the owners or investors. No one has patience and everyone is looking for instant success.

  • Were getting a Lupe Tortilla in the old Shuck Daddys space. YUM.

  • Lupe is a good two thumbs ups!