Bandit Billboards Banished

BANDIT BILLBOARDS BANISHED By order of a U.S. district judge, 59 Houston-area billboards will be taken down over the next 12 months by the receiver in charge of the now-bankrupt company that erected them in violation of city ordinances. Approximately half of the billboards are between I-45 and 290 outside Beltway 8; none of them are on Highway 59. All were constructed recently outside Houston city limits but inside its “extraterritorial jurisdiction.” [Mayor’s Office; map (PDF); more detail from the Chronicle]

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  • ETJs – how do they work? What can the City of Houston control there and what can’t they control?

  • “erected them in violation of city ordinances.”
    Seems pretty open/shut.
    If I can get a $1,500 fine for being a week late in getting a “dumpster permit”, then I suspect the city can do just about whatever they want.

  • The ETJ governs all planning regulations. The billboard rules are part of planning regulations therefore the city can take them down.

  • This process took far too long….years instead of months. Clearly, they were in violation of the law and these billboards should have been taken down much sooner.