Bee Moving: U of H’s End-of-Semester Surprise

Hive of 100,000 Bees Removed from UH College of Engineering BuildingUH students: Beware of “secluded spots” on campus!

Just a few days ago, University of Houston officials called in Pearland beekeeper Mike Knuckey to remove a giant colony of 100,000 bees from behind a 40-foot-high section of wall in the engineering college’s Building 1. The wall had been dripping with honey.

But now the bees are coming back . . . to an undisclosed location on campus! From a UH press release:

UH plans to build a new nest for the bees in a wooden, isolated area of campus. The bees should be in their new home on Friday, Nov. 16.

A report from the Houston Chronicle is a little more ominous:

While moving the hive was a bit of a headache, university officials ended up with a sweet surprise: five gallons of fresh honey.

“We’re gonna think of something clever to do with it here on campus,” Alexander said.

Uh . . . with the honey? Or with the hive?

Photo: Diego Almazan/The Daily Cougar