Ben Hall and Big Houses

Attorney and possible mayoral candidate Ben Hall may have cost himself a few votes from the style police for his very public flirtation with purchasing State Rep. Hubert Vo’s languishing Rivercrest Megamansion last month. (Hall’s wife apparently vetoed it because it was “too big.”) But Hall’s working on a comeback, scoring glowing words from Fox26 reporter Isiah Carey after a visit yesterday to Hall’s law office — in a 1922 mansion at 530 Lovett Blvd. in Montrose:

It is by far one of the coolest legal offices I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s an old mansion that seems to be the centerpiece for the entire street. It is huge. Inside of the building is also super cool. You can tell the legal eagle took pride in decorating his offices. If worst comes to worst Hall could say this is his home and still run for Mayor of Houston.

Photo of 530 Lovett Blvd.: Isiah Carey

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  • This is a cool house. I was in it many times when it was home to the sales staff of KLOL radio back in the late 80s-early 90s.

  • That’s one of my favorite houses in Houston, along with the nearby places on Cortlandt. I used to pass by there every day, and drove down Lovett and up Taft just to check out the old places.

    The building on the other side of Stanford looked like a showplace in its heyday. I think both buildings used as offices for Pentasafe until they moved over to the West Loop

  • I forgot to add that 530 Lovett was built by E A Peden, owner of the iron and steel company that bore his name. Absolutely one of the best looking houses in town.

  • Cortlandt has always been one of my favorite streets, but they did a very unneighborly thing by gating their street.

  • Cortlandt was a private street when it was developed, but was later opened to provide a means for traffic to flow on to Elgin/Hathaway. The street was taken back by th eresidents at a time when there were real issues with homeless and drunks using the street as a residence or toilet.

    I was opposed to the street going private until I read the history.