Borders Activity Report

BORDERS ACTIVITY REPORT There appears to be some construction going on inside the former Borders Books at the corner of Kirby and West Alabama in the Centre at River Oaks Shopping Center. Next door, at the restaurant spot formerly occupied by Pesce, workers are busy transforming and expanding the space into a Brio Tuscan Grille. But a Swamplot reader says the work on Borders looks separate: “Workers were going in and out. The whole inside looks gutted and the doors to specifically Borders were open and there was a table behind the green fence with water coolers. Even the 2nd floor doors where the coffee place was inside Borders were open. . . . When they initially started the demo at Pesce the green fence didn’t extend. Its only recently been there.” [Culturemap; Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • My guess is they are dividing out the space into smaller parcels for lease. I don’t think there are any tenants yet.

  • Perfect spot for an H&M!

  • I’ve heard rumors of a doctors’ group moving in. Not sure if it would be specialty care or general medicine.

  • Ulta Cosmetics is taking the ground floor of the former Borders space and Texas Children’s Hospital is taking the upstairs.

  • Only 3 comments of speculation? Come on Keep Houston Scenic, you could have let the mystery go on a little longer :-)

  • Zone D’Erotica upstairs, KinderCare downstairs.

  • “From Stating the Obvious:

    Zone D’Erotica upstairs, KinderCare downstairs.”

    Sounds like a winning combination to me.

  • @Stating the Obvious: Economically speaking, Zone D’erotica and KinderCare are complimentary goods. Increased sales at Zone D leads to increased demand for KinderCare.

  • I am always thinking SYNERGY! Remind we to tell you about my meat and water hose store/midrise residential building/beer bar idea sometime…