Briefly Redeemed Church of the Redeemer Buildings Back Up for Grabs in Eastwood

4411 Dallas St., Eastwood, Houston, 77023

Now on the market for $2.5 million: the triangular Telephone Rd. block bounded by Dallas and Eastwood streets, complete with the still-well-labeled former complex of the storied Church of the Redeemer. The church’s congregation moved out of the literally crumbling structures in 2011 after receiving some $5-to-7-million estimates on bringing them up to minimum habitability standards. The property was later bought by Dominion Church International, which wrangled a new certificate of occupancy for the site in early 2014.

The current listing shows that the crown of T-mobile relay equipment atop the church’s bell tower appears to still be in place — county records show a rooftop lease agreement for the building was renewed for another 50 years in mid-2014:


4411 Dallas St., Eastwood, Houston, 77023

The listing says the classroom-and-office-space segment of the patchwork 1930s-to-50s structure was built in 1948:

4411 Dallas St., Eastwood, Houston, 77023

4411 Dallas St., Eastwood, Houston, 77023

Also included in the package is this 2,536-sq.-ft. single family home:

4411 Dallas St., Eastwood, Houston, 77023

Here’s one of the block’s pointier corners, at Dallas and Telephone:

4411 Dallas St., Eastwood, Houston, 77023

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Salvation or Salvage?

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  • Maybe they should have prayed harder to the proper diety of structural integrity and not their made up one.

  • Having used to live in Eastwood, I was always fascinated by this classic church – and the triangular lot only added to its quirkiness. I did not know that the old congregation hightailed it out after that $5-$7 million upgrade estimate. That’s a lot of collection plate passing. I’m wondering if there was a lot of foundation work involved in that estimate.
    With the T-Mobile lease renewal, maybe they could underwrite the whole thing and become the Church of the Un-Carrier Redeemer?

  • @commonsense
    Your not funny, your disrespectful. This is a real estate site, keep your beliefs and personal views to yourself. If you have nothing else to do but make sarcastic comments, which you do often, perhaps it says something about your professional integrity.

  • @SimplySid, this is real estate topic with a building that has structural issues and happens to be church, I believe my joke was very appropriate.
    Additionally you are still under an antiquated presumption that religion deserves automatic respect for some reason, it does not. Also, they should start paying their fair share of property taxes.

  • @ SimplySid:

    Please do not feed the troll.

  • Sid, Sid, Sid, that’s a hilarious post you made, full of self-righteousness and false pride. This is an internet site, all of the comments contain beliefs and personal views. Well, at least the best ones do, and commonsense is more entertaining that most.