Calhoun Banished from UH’s Calhoun Lofts

CALHOUN BANISHED FROM UH’S CALHOUN LOFTS A statement out this afternoon from UH: “The University of Houston does not have statues, memorials or monuments honoring the Confederate era. Calhoun Lofts were originally named to coincide with the name of the adjacent city street when the university began its aggressive residential expansion in the last decade. While the residence hall was not named in recognition of John C. Calhoun, in the wake of recent events, and out of sensitivity to our diverse student community the university has decided to change the name to University Lofts. The change will be made as soon as practical.” [Daily Cougar] Photo of Calhoun Lofts, 4700 Calhoun Rd.: Kirksey Architecture

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  • What a nation of fucking pussies we’ve become
    Sorry for the language but this shit is just getting crazy.

  • The Confederacy lost. Only “fucking pussies” cling to losers.

  • Keep going!

  • Cody, I have to wonder why you care about this so much?

  • John C. Calhoun died in 1850. He had nothing to do with the Confederacy.

    He was actually honored because he wanted to annex Texas into the United States.

  • since universities are leaders in political correctness, racial profiling and censorship this is no surprise.

  • That’ll show them! Hahahaha

  • According to Wiki-p: “His [Calhoun’s] beliefs and warnings heavily influenced the South’s secession from the Union in 1860–1861”; ‘He is remembered for strongly defending slavery’. But oddly ‘In 1957, a Senate Committee headed by *Senator John F. Kennedy* selected Calhoun as one of the five greatest United States Senators of all time.’ How times change.

  • I want the Egyptian pyramids taken down pronto! They were built by slaves that died by the thousands on the job. They must be destroyed. . . . .

  • Still, official letterhead and documents all over campus are labelled with the UH postal address, ‘4800 Calhoun’.

  • Did anyone pause to think which Calhoun this street was named after?