Camera Stores Shuttered

Ritz Camera, which filed for bankruptcy protection in February, will be closing more than 300 of its Ritz, Wolf Camera, and Kits Camera stores nationwide, the company announced late last week. Not surprisingly, the Wolf Camera in Sage Plaza at 5161 San Felipe — less than a quarter-mile from the Wolf Camera on S. Post Oak in the Galleria — is one of the victims. Also closing: Ritz Camera stores in the Katy Mills Mall, at 5706 Highway 6 in Missouri City, and in the Royal Oaks Shopping Center at 11691 Westheimer.

Ritz is also shutting down its entire 130-store Boater’s World chain, including the 6,000-foot location in Webster. Its Galveston store never reopened after Hurricane Ike.

Photo of Wolf Camera in Baybrook Square, Webster (where the lights are staying on): David Stall

One Comment

  • Not surprised,

    Unless your a film purist, digital camera’s are making camera dedicated stores obsolete.

    And from some photographer friends of mine, they usually go to a local camera store that they can get more personal service than a national chain.