03/18/10 11:44pm

So who gets a pair of tickets to the Rice Design Alliance’s annual home tour this weekend? Why, the winner of this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game, of course! And that would be the player our judges deemed “close enough” for the win: Congratulations, JKL! You’re going to . . . Southgate!

A very close second place goes to Brian, and an honorable mention to movocelot, who just ended up on the wrong side of I-45.

How far off were you?


03/27/08 11:51pm

1902 Wagon Gap Trail, Ponderosa Forest, Houston

Git yer fresh, hot foreclosure listings right here! Hey, not all of them are newish red-brick homes in the low hundreds outside Beltway 8!

This house at 1902 Wagon Gap Trail, for example . . . isn’t brick! It’s in Ponderosa Forest, just north of FM1960, which means it’s super-convenient to . . . FM1960! And it just popped up on the market, listed for $129,000! Not bad for a 1970s 4-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath, 3,119-sq.-ft. two-story with diagonal wood siding.

After the jump, a few furtive interior shots of this foreclosed-upon bargain, plus a special something in back!