Checking Out the New North Woodlands H-E-B Before It Opens

Posted on HAIF: images from earlier this month of the empty but almost ready-to-open H-E-B at 3601 FM 1488 in The Woodlands. At 104,000 sq. ft., the North Woodlands Market will register as the biggest of the 4 H-E-Bs in the area. Inside, reports Chris, the cameraphone photographer, everything will be bigger than usual. Alas, no closeups of the guacamole bar. A similar layout and format is expected at the Sugar Land store scheduled to open in September.


The Alden Bridge store opens this Wednesday.

Photos: HAIF poster Chris

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  • I dont understand why HEB cannot build in 290 area near jersey village. I would love to have this store near me! Come on HEB. Come to the west side!

  • I know they are popular, but I don’t like these super-giant HEBs. I live near the Bunker Hill HEB, and I just feel deflated every time I walk in–especially if I just want a couple of items and they are on opposite ends of the store. I end up giving my business to the much more compact (and to my mind handy) Kroger across the freeway or Rice on Memorial.

    Obviously I’m not the customer they are looking for–or need. The Bunker Hill HEB’s parking lot seems to be pretty full whenever I go by. But as a personal preference, compact is better. (Looking forward to Trader Joe’s for that reason.)

  • RWBoyd:
    Yeah the parking lot there at the Bunker Hill location can be very busy. I normally park on the west side sorta away from the mob. And yes…its a big store so you can def get your excercise in there!I will keep telling them my zip code in hopes they come to 77040 area soon.

  • I live in the Heights and am a regular shopper at the Bunker Hill location. I LOVE it. If you don’t want it, give it to us! We’ll trade you our two Krogers and the future non-heights-Heights Wal-Mart.

  • They’re building a new Randall’s next to Arnie’s on Studemont, I’d rather see a new HEB on that spot.

  • Where in Sugar Land is the new HEB planned?

  • hardworkingwoman:
    Isn’t there an H-E-B at 290 and Barker-Cypress? That’s not too far from Jersey Village.

    The Sugar Land H-E-B will open September 14.

  • The new HEB in Sugar Land is at Highway 6 and University Blvd near Highway 90A