Cherry Demolition: West U Made Us Do It

Cherry Demolition Sign on Montague Hotel Before Demolition, Houston

Reluctant rubble maker Cherry Demolition was once exclusively a house-moving company, shuffling quaint little homes in West University. But that was before the late 1980s, when the neighborhood started changing, reports the Houston Business Journal:

Older bungalow-style houses were being torn down and replaced with new multiple-story brick homes.

Instead of watching potential moving business disappear along with the bungalow homes, the Cherry brothers drew up a plan to buy the bungalow-style houses, remove them from the property, find a buyer with a vacant lot, sell the house and then deliver it.

But although this strategy kept the house-moving business going, it was not without problems.

Houses that were too wide, roofs that were too tall or termite damage increased the cost of moving a structure. Three strikes against a house usually meant passing it over. Usually only one in about 20 houses was a suitable candidate for moving and reselling.

Hmmm . . . what to do???

Then inspiration struck. If only one out of 20 homes could be moved, the rest were candidates for demolition, the brothers realized.

Photo of Montagu Hotel by Flickr user ss.yesterday