Clearing Out Flooded Homes in Meyerland; How Houston’s Sprawl Creates More Extreme Heat


Photo of 3737 Buffalo Speedway: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Has anyone mapped the extent of the flooding along Brays Bayou?

  • Re mattress stores: Mrs. Bag and I were in Rice Village yesterday and saw that in addition to the Mattress Firm on the north side of Rice between Kirby and Kelvin, and the other between Kelvin and Morningside, a different brand (can’t remember the name) just went in on the south side between Kelvin and Morningside.
    Why can’t we have a great five and dime variety store on that street anymore, but we can have three mattress stores?

  • Global Warm…err Climate Change fearmongers pretend to be able to predict the future to scare the public…details on the silly soothsayers at 10…

  • @Redstate, I’d really like to see this, too.

  • When’s the new housing updates coming? Yields are on the rise and will be taking mortgage rates with them. Market setting up for one last push higher before we get a better look at more recent fundamentals and start setting ourselves up for a correction. Has been so long since any kind of a pullback it’ll be interesting to see the effects on the property markets end of this year once everything has had time to settle itself in. Just wish it still wasn’t so far away right now. With income growth having continually lagged this whole bull run I don’t see any way for property values to hold up against higher lending rates.

  • Rice Village is damaging itself by leasing to all these non traffic driving mattress stores. 3 of these depopulated bed warehouses in a 2 block stretch is ridiculous and this is not counting the depopulated mattress stores on Kirby. The entire thing screams of foolishness.

  • SheepleEverywhere….Enjoy the new reality of your “300 year flood” on an annual basis. Keep denying the science of the climate change and you’ll see who has the last laugh. I’ll be chuckling from my dry midwest perch.

  • @Memebag, there is a Sleep Number at Kirby and Tangley, not sure if you included it.

  • Has anyone noticed the matress “dessert” in the Nickel? Where’s our favorite weave?

  • With all of those U-Haul trucks coming into Houston, you would think you would be able to get a great deal on a one-way rental out.

  • @j I haven’t noticed, is it chocolate? I hope there’s chocolate. :)

  • HD- Calling something science doesn’t make it real. Some people will believe anything they’re told.