Now It’s 2 Mattress Stores Moving in Right Next To Each Other at the Corner of Westheimer and Montrose

NOW IT’S 2 MATTRESS STORES MOVING IN RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER AT THE CORNER OF WESTHEIMER AND MONTROSE Mattress Firm and Mattress Pro, 1002 Westheimer Rd. at Montrose Blvd., Montrose, HoustonMontrose watchdogs worried about the aura of chain-store sameness about to descend on the center-of-it-all corner of Westheimer Rd. and Montrose Blvd. once the new Mattress Firm store opens in the former Blockbuster Video spot at 1002 Westheimer: The nation’s largest purveyor of all things mattress understands your concerns. That’s why, this time, it’s mixing it up. As reporter Katherine Feser discovers, a separate store for the same company’s lower-priced (and normally outside-the-Loop) chain, Mattress Pro, will be moving in right next door. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Katherine Feser/Houston Chronicle

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  • Thankfully theres yet another brand new Mattress Firm only 1 stoplight north at Montrose and W Gray in case those two are full.
    Really the reason all of these mattress stores are popping up is because all of the new cheap-ish mid-rise apartments popping up in the same area. Mattress Firm knows that previously non mattress-owning young people will be moving into those apartments and needing new mattresses for the first time. Expect these stores to close down once all of these apartment buildings are full in a few years.

  • OK, this whole Mattress Firm situation has officially jumped the shark. I think there are more Mattress Firms than Starbucks. Except people buy coffee every day and a new mattress, what, every 8 years?

  • This brings me so much joy. Houston needs a mattress district.

  • Am I the only one that has noticed that the same stores that advertise “If it’s over 8, it’s time to replace” also sells mattresses with TWENTY FRICKIN YEAR WARRANTIES??!!!???

  • These stores spread quicker and look worse than skin cancer.

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    Head explodes

  • Anyone with some economic sense should know that if they buy a mattress there, they are paying for rent at the corner of Montrose and Westheimer. The rental rate there must be at least $30/SF if not much higher, and all of that money must come from the sales of giant rectangles of individually wrapped coils and memory foam. Pretty dumb if you ask me, but I like to keep my money.

  • So many mattresses. So little time to sleep.

  • Lewis Black needs to update his “End of the Universe” bit

  • Did you know that Twin Peaks won’t open a new restaurant unless you can see a Hooters from the proposed location? Apparently it’s the same logic when it comes to mattresses.

  • Like I said before in 3.5 to 5 yrs 3/4 of these mattress stores will get gone

  • mattress firm is missing a real opportunity by not opening a store in the new complex across from the Menil.

  • They are one and the same, Mattress Firm and Mattress Pro. Mattress Firm bought Mattress Pro

  • What? …no head shop? Montrose is so over…

  • Textbook example of Hotelling’s law or Hotelling’s linear city model. Basically explains why CVS and Walgreens are always located near each other.

  • …give it a rest.

  • Rather than Mattress Firm, people should go to Texas Mattress Makers. Its where I got mine — its an actual mattress factory on the east that makes store brand mattresses. Inside they have a little plywood showroom where they sell direct.

    Supporting local manufacturing, local jobs, and you get it for cheap

  • These mattress stores aren’t just spreading worse than cancer, they are literally spreading cancer! Conventional mattress contain chemical flame retardants, carcinogenic chemicals and pesticides, polyurethane foam, they decrease respiratory health, increases exposure to allergens among many other hazards. They are often pretreated with formaldehyde-emitting stain and water repellants whose manufacturing process releases Perfluoroctanoic Acid, PFOAs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Formaldehyde is a colorless, foul smelling gas that can cause “watery eye, burning sensations in the eyes and throat, nausea, difficulty breathing and asthma attacks” if the exposure is high enough. With almost 1/3 of our lives spent in bed, what we sleep on does affect us. Your mattress is a long term investment in your comfort and health. Do yourself and your family a favor, buy yourself an organic mattress!!! They are chemical-free, hypo-allergenic, sustainable, biodegradable, they are naturally flame resistant and more durable than 8 years. Keetsa sells organic mattresses with 20 year warranties.

  • *facepalm* Honestly, how big is the mattress market? I seriously doubt people are replacing their mattress every eight years, and many new residents are likely bringing a mattress from their previous home. Ugh.

  • oh great, now we have one of those people in here that holds crazy signs over the SW freeway!

  • Will these stores both be serving Starbucks coffee?

  • @I Love Heights Walmart – So, the mid-rises become cheap when they bring in mattress firms but they are otherwise un-affordable monstrosities replacing all the dilapidated apartments for artists? Which is it?

  • Sealy Mattress got its start in a little town near Houston called…….damn……tip of my tongue…….it’ll come to me eventually, and I’ll post later.

  • This is why we cannot have nice things. All the new retail development is getting polluted with these low traffic mattress stores. This and CVS are the face of retail here.

  • @Houstonian:
    what I’m saying is they know that all the people moving into all these new apartment units will be buying a new mattress, that’s why they put these stores there. I have no idea how you got that from my comment.

  • Thanks Swamplot, for making me laugh out loud (ok, snort) during a long crappy day at work. (I live in the neighborhood so think this is ridiculous, but am enjoying the future vision of anti-gay protest, with the dude who wears the tellytubby outfit as a counter protest, all in front of the dueling mattress stores).

  • The Mattress sign is fugly! An eyesore and so are the midrises and fake stucco townhouses!