And Now a Downtown Dance Performance About Flooding

AND NOW A DOWNTOWN DANCE PERFORMANCE ABOUT FLOODING Invitations to the latest site-specific performance by the Karen Stokes Dance company went out on May 25th, the day before a good part of Houston woke up to find various areas in and around the city under water. But the company had already been rehearsing its latest work for some time by then. Coincidence, fortunate timing, or simply a local arts group’s demonstration of a level-headed understanding of the Houston landscape? From the team that brought you last year’s by-the-Ship-Channel performance of Channel/1836 now comes Drench, which — as shown in excerpts previewed in the trailer video above — reimagines Discovery Green’s Gateway Fountain as a flood zone. Shows, part of a performance that includes the work of Belgian art group Chanson d’Eau, begin at 8 pm tonight and tomorrow. [Discovery Green; more info] Video: Karen Stokes Dance

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  • Not to be mean, but I have an honest question: Who is the target audience for this type of thing? Of the top 1000 things I’d want to do on a weekend, going to this wouldn’t be on it.
    Maybe I’m just old and crotchety. I’m sure these guys are skilled in what they do… I just don’t get it.

  • @Cody.Exactly. Although, I love the shiny silver pants the dancers are wearing !!!

  • Haha it’s a hot afternoon and frolicking in that fountain looks really inviting to me!
    I like the visuals – the white and silver, umbrellas floating (like add’l performers) is quite fetching.
    But really – whale song as an an accompaniment? and the sound of sailboat rigging slapping around? creaking wooden hulls from the 17th century?!? What do these have to do with rain and flooding?

  • abstract art doesn’t need anyone to like it

  • Karen Stokes has been creating some phenomenal pieces that reflect Houston’s past and future. I think that this site-specific and rather timely performance is just another example of the necessity of art/expression in our community. They’re often thinking further into the future than the majority of the population!

  • @Cody: Socialsts and drug takers.