Comment of the Day: A Better Use for That Space Above the Fridge

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A BETTER USE FOR THAT SPACE ABOVE THE FRIDGE “I agree that they did a great job remodeling this house, and an even better job photographing it. However, the thing that drives me nuts is the requisite wine-rack-above-fridge. Wine shouldn’t be kept at room temperature in Houston, unless you can afford to keep your house far cooler than I keep mine. Regardless, refrigerators cool by removing the heat inside. Where does that heat go? Out the back, and up! Heat rises, right into that wine. We need to find a better use for this space, maybe one that could even benefit from the heat. Built in crock-pots? Egg-incubators for backyard chickens? Anything but wine!” [Soulfinger, commenting on Spruced Up in Spring Shadows]

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  • The better use would be a proper wine cellar, i.e., a small fridge above the large fridge.

  • “…refrigerators cool by removing the heat inside. Where does that heat go? Out the back…”
    Reminds me of a girl at one of my properties. The AC went out and she decided to leave her refrigerator door open to cool the apartment.
    I tried to explain why that wouldn’t work and gave up.
    And no, I’m not kidding. This really happened.

  • Actually, in a lot of newer refrigerators, the coils are on the bottom and the heat is vented from the front. Also makes for easier cleaning of the coils too.

  • @Cody: As the saying goes, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  • It just means you have to drink the wine sooner is all. I see no problem here, any bottle that stays in my rack more than a couple of months is one that I don’t want to drink anyway :)

  • Looks like they stock their rack with Yellow Tail, a tell tale sign that NO wine sits for long in that house.

  • Cody — they did that on a simpsons episode. So it can be done in real life, lol yeah right.

  • @Chris, well, at least it’s not Mad Dog (as much as I’d love to see that in a wine rack). These people have standards.

  • Best use of the space is a full-depth (24-30″)cabinet with butt-doors (no center stile.)
    It’ll hold platters, Igloo coolers, Crock Pots, and Easter baskets to challenge your older/taller kids.