Spruced Up in Spring Shadows

Over in Spring Shadows, a new listing for $235,000 sits on a street with a cul-de-sac. The home, however, is on the corner at Hammerly Blvd., about halfway between Gessner and Blalock roads. It’s a 9,810-sq.-ft. lot for the 2,225 sq.-ft. home, which was built in 1970. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and a 2-car garage. There’s also a covered patio with views of the pool and spa and the remaining yard.


Two of  bedrooms are upstairs, and they open into a shared common room. HCAD pegs that combined space at about 630 sq. ft.  Downstairs, the master bedroom has a bath with tub shower. In the kitchen, a 2009 renovation added granite counters, a mosaic back splash, and a steel-and-glass vent hood. Floors are mostly wood laminate or tile. The address appears to have last sold in 2009, for $149,000.

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  • Nice house but probably 40k or more overpriced.

  • Lovely house for sure.The kitchen is awesome!
    I lived in the Spring Shadows off Kempwood and Gessner when i was a teen for aprox 3 years.My parents bought the house from Dave Roberts who was with the Houston Astros at the time. I will never forget the god aweful wall paper that house had. ughhhhhhh My parents were the kind ( and still are ) that never want to upgrade one thing in a house! Good luck to the sellers of this one.

  • I second the kitchen love this place is getting. And can I get the decorator’s number? If it’s the lady of the house, all I have to say is: well played madame, well played.
    Hope that it gets them most of the sale price they’re looking for.

  • I agree that they did a great job remodeling this house, and an even better job photographing it. However, the thing that drives me nuts is the requisite wine-rack-above-fridge. Wine shouldn’t be kept at room temperature in Houston, unless you can afford to keep your house far cooler than I keep mine. Regardless, refrigerators cool by removing the heat inside. Where does that heat go? Out the back, and up! Heat rises, right into that wine.

    We need to find a better use for this space, maybe one that could even benefit from the heat. Built in crock-pots? Egg-incubators for backyard chickens? Anything but wine!

  • Nice, but who wants the nicest house in a crappy neighborhood?