Comment of the Day: A Workday Begins at the New H-E-B Montrose Coffeehouse

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A WORKDAY BEGINS AT THE NEW H-E-B MONTROSE COFFEEHOUSE “While having a cup of coffee in the cafe area this morning, I watched a woman walk around with her laptop looking for an outlet. When she didn’t find one and looked very confused, I suggested it was intentional, that HEB didn’t want people working for hours in the cafe. She looked even more confused by this and then plugged the cord into the outlet behind the Coke machine and left the cord stretching all the way across the floor. Welcome to Montrose!” [lanola, commenting on A Tour of the Lake Flato-Designed H-E-B Montrose Market, Open Today]

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  • Porn addiction is a serious issue…

  • Love our new neighborhood store. Saw a cop helping a customer take the bags outof their cart when they learned they could not remove the carts from the lot. Glad our neighborhood will not have more ababandoned carts littering the empty lots and sidewalks.

    Curious to see how HEB is able to adapt to what will be interesting clientel(?) Certainly hope people don’t abuse the beautiful space they have created.

    Any hope they will put in more bike racks.