Comment of the Day: And How Will They Ship It to the West Coast?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: AND HOW WILL THEY SHIP IT TO THE WEST COAST? “Thought this nugget from the Biz Journal article was interesting: ‘The organization, which presides over Reliant Park, is scheduled to hold a board meeting on April 17. The agenda includes “(d)iscussion and possible action to approve a resolution regarding the future of the Reliant Astrodome” and “(d)iscussion of a nondisclosure agreement with the University of Southern California regarding a potential project related to the Reliant Astrodome.”’ Now what do those Trojans want with our Dome?????????” [DNAguy, commenting on Headlines: Voting on an Astrodome Plan; Making Art of Power Lines]

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  • Why do you need a university to demolish this thing already?

  • Still pushing the idea to turn it into a movie studio?

  • Well, I hope it doesn’t have a date with the hideous bulldozer. The owner seems to have taken great care of the property, however, this being Houston, where the city mascot is the bulldozer, I’m not holding my breathe

  • How sad that SoCal has to come to the rescue of our Iconic Dome. I have to day tho, looking at their Colosseum across the street, maybe, possibly, they should be focusing on that, or maybe fixing that ghetto that surrounds the school, just saying. Personally, I like the UH students idea of stripping the dome down to the steel hull and making it into a park. Sic transit gloria

  • Hmmm, my comment 3, was meant for the article on the house for sale in Briargrove Park, have no idea why it’s attached to this article. Harris County has certainly NOT taken very good care of the Dome, it’s falling down

  • If Shannon lives in Harris County, I have some news for her. She is one of the owners, and has been paying to take care of it.

  • My guess is that USC will use the dome to
    house a new medical school . . . . really
    small thinkers (Htown), a building of this size
    and historical importance this close to the
    world’s largest medical center should be
    oriented to medical education/research, etc.
    Why are we just hearing 3 days before a vote
    of politically appointed lawyers/etc about
    the interst of University of S. Cal? ? ? ?
    very strange inside deal.

  • usc idea will be turn it into a grow house for pot. blah blah blah

  • I hope the level of discourse at the Committee meeting is more refined than that of the comments section.

    Strip it to the frame and make Astrodome Park a reality.