A Little Vacant Lot on Yoakum Gets Some Approval

It’s parched and scruffy, sure, and there’s an abandoned slab without any load-bearing walls to keep it company, but this less-than-a-half-acre patch of grass on Yoakum Blvd. could be the site of a 3-story office building: A rep from Owens Management Systems says that a variance application for the site just west of Castle Court in Montrose has been approved by the city planning commission, and a commercial architecture firm is considering moving to what’s being dubbed the Yoakum Enclave. The 0.4-acre lot backs into Mt. Vernon St. and up against the U.S. 59 barrier wall at the very end of the 4300 block of Yoakum, south of the University of St. Thomas and the construction site on Richmond Ave. of the 6-story Campanile South.


Images: Allyn West (photos); Prime Texas Surveys, via City of Houston Planning & Development Department

One Comment

  • This lot is a great shortcut between Yoakum and Mt. Vernon for pedestrians trying to avoid Richmond’s terrible sidewalks. I hope the new inhabitants leave some space along the 59 barrier wall and don’t mind passers-through.