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  • That is a porn set if ever I saw one. Is that a rug or a towel on the plether bed? easy cleanup is ewwww

  • $225K for what looks like a Queen Anne Cottage that got the barrio hacienda treatment? Wow.

  • Only in Houston can you have a home with apartments and a restaurant attached. And space for your own porn studio! Perfect for that out of work MBA graduate.

  • I think I’ve seen a few videos that were shot in that room…

  • brown-chicken-brown-cow.

  • Two words. Solar. Panels. Cover the whole damn thing with solar panels and use the energy produced to subsidize 1/10,000,000th of the electricity needed to power Reliant. It will “put as at the forefront of green energy (lipstick on a pig)”, and we can put a little thank you plaque on panel 1,234 B-72c for USC. That, or giant “greenhouse”. The fun kind of green.

  • I do not see that picture on the HAR listing. I guess it was taken off. The most disturbing thing is that there are also kids rooms in that house….along with a supposed porn room. Seriously disturbing.