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Encore Castle Court, 1314 Castle Ct., Castle Court, Houston, 77006
Encore Castle Court, 1314 Castle Ct., Castle Court, Houston, 77006The L-shaped hole dug on the site vacated last year by The Place apartment complex has been getting filled up, and some wooden framing is now beginning to peek over the top of the leafy northern wall of 59 at the Graustark St. bridge. The plan for Encore’s under-construction Castle Court development involves stacking 5 floors of apartments on the site, with additional levels of parking underneath — the rendering above depicts its above-ground height as a floor taller than Trammell Crow’s newish Muse complex just down Graustark at the corner with Richmond Ave.

The Encore project fronts Castle Ct. at the intersection with Yupon St., and faces Graustark just south of Black Hole Coffee Shop and Graustark Laundry, as shown in the floorplan below from the company’s brochure for would-be foreign investors under the EB-5 program:


Scaling Up Castle Court
05/20/14 10:00am

1310 Castle Ct., Castle Court, Houston

After a bit of coffee on the side patio of the Black Hole Coffee House at 4504 Graustark St., a sighting of bright green sewer-disconnect notices on the front doors of 3 ninety-something-year-old houses across the street, and a little online permit research, reader Christopher Newsom has some news to announce: The homes at 1304, 1308, and 1310 Castle Ct. (pictured above and below) are about to be demolished. According to HCAD records, the same owner has owned all 3 properties for more than 25 years.


Point of No Return
02/18/14 12:45pm

The Place Apartments, 1341 Castle Ct., Castle Court, Montrose, Houston

A Valentines Day note from the regional property manager of Greystar to residents of The Place Apartments at 1341 Castle Ct. informs them that “the date for vacating” the 90-unit complex hugging the north side of the Southwest Fwy. has been pushed back to September 30. Lease renewals will be extended to that date, and space is now available: Tenants are being offered a $200 prize for referring any “friend or co-worker looking for short term housing.


Have a Cup of Coffee, Sweet
11/27/13 11:30am

The Place Apartments, 1341 Castle Ct., Castle Court, Montrose, Houston

Responding to the unidentified pamphleteer who went door to door over the weekend distributing warnings of an impending demolition for The Place Apartments at 1341 Castle Ct., the 90-unit complex’s new management responded early this week with its own tenant missive. The politely worded note from property manager Lori Lindley of newly hired Greystar responds point-by-point to the issues raised in the original flyer, namely that 1) tenants will get a “document stating the amount due,” not an eviction notice, if they’re a few days late with rent payments; 2) the management office is now closed on weekends; 3) online and drop-box payment options offered by the previous management company are no longer available; 4) a recent utility bill was distributed late to tenants only because of the recent change in ownership; and 5) the biggie: “The property was purchased with the intent to do a lease down. However, it is not our goal to evict any resident . . . We are currently renewing leases through 4/30/2014; should this change we will notify all residents accordingly.”


A Word from Management
11/25/13 3:30pm

GETTING OUT OF THE PLACE? Photo and Flyer Distributed at The Place Apartment Homes, 1341 Castle Ct., Montrose, HoustonA flyer distributed over the weekend to the front doors of a seventies-era apartment Castle Court complex that hugs the Southwest Fwy. warns tenants that plans are afoot to demolish the property next year. Greystar took over management of The Place Apartment Homes, down a driveway at 1341 Castle Ct. in Montrose, in late October. The new unsigned notice, which is clearly not from the management company or the property’s owner, claims eviction notices have been sent out to “tenants who are just one day late (from the grace period) paying their rent,” and asserts that all apartments will be vacated by the end of April: “We recommend ensuring your rent is payed on time and carefully reading any addendum to a current leasing agreement that is presented by the new management,” warns the anonymous pamphleteer. “The purpose of this notice is to inform tenants of recent developments, hopefully allowing tenants to protect themselves.” [Swamplot inbox] Photo: Rent.com

04/16/13 2:00pm

It’s parched and scruffy, sure, and there’s an abandoned slab without any load-bearing walls to keep it company, but this less-than-a-half-acre patch of grass on Yoakum Blvd. could be the site of a 3-story office building: A rep from Owens Management Systems says that a variance application for the site just west of Castle Court in Montrose has been approved by the city planning commission, and a commercial architecture firm is considering moving to what’s being dubbed the Yoakum Enclave. The 0.4-acre lot backs into Mt. Vernon St. and up against the U.S. 59 barrier wall at the very end of the 4300 block of Yoakum, south of the University of St. Thomas and the construction site on Richmond Ave. of the 6-story Campanile South.


04/02/13 11:30am

THE MUSE COMING TO CASTLE COURT Dallas developer Behringer Harvard announced today that construction’s underway on The Muse, an apartment complex planned for the 2.9 acres in Castle Court sold last summer where the former Andover Richmond Apartments had stood — until their demolition in November — for 50 years. The Muse, developed by a partnership between Behringer Harvard and Trammell Crow, will have 4 stories with 270 units atop 2 levels of parking, says the press release. Also planned for the site at 1301 Richmond near Graustark? “Common-area amenities will include a cyber cafe, business center, state-of-the-art fitness center, luxury swimming pool and dog-amenity station.” [PR Newswire; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Allyn West

09/26/12 10:59am

What’s to become of the Andover Richmond Apartments at the corner of Richmond and Graustark after all the residents move out? This, after a little site-scraping: A 270-unit Trammell Crow complex called The Muse. A source tells Swamplot the 4-stories-over-garage concoction will be very similar to the Alexan West University going up on the former site of the Courts at West University at Law and Bissonnet — but without all the angles dictated by that stealth-fighter-shaped site. EDI Architecture is the designer for both apartment projects. Here’s a plan of the top-of-garage level at 1301 Richmond:


08/02/12 5:31pm

A resident of the Andover Richmond Apartments at the corner of Richmond and Graustark passes on word to Swamplot that a “midrise luxury style residence” is being planned for the 2.9-acre site near Graustark — after the courtyard-style apartments that have stood there for more than 50 years are demolished. Residents with month-to-month leases will be given 35 days’ notice to vacate, the resident reports. Those with time left on their leases will be dealt with individually and possibly given incentives to vacate before the end of next January. Swamplot reported the sale of the complex to an arm of REIT factory Behringer Harvard yesterday. According to the tipster, some residents have already been told that their homes will be torn down, so they can beat the expected “flood” of residents looking for similarly priced apartments in the area.


08/01/12 3:11pm

Tenants of the Andover Richmond Apartments at 1301 Richmond Ave. near Graustark got notice today that the complex has been sold to an entity connected to investment company Behringer Harvard. One of them writes in: “I hope the Swamplot team can stay on top of this one since this 2.9 acre plot was earlier rumored to be on Trammell Crow’s Alexan radar. BH is a big REIT player but I can’t find much information about their history regarding redevelopment of acquired properties. I fear same fate will befall us here as those at Chateau on Greenbriar.”

Photo: Swamplot inbox