Greystar Giving Residents of The Place Apartments on Castle Ct. Another 5 Months, Sending Them into Black Hole

The Place Apartments, 1341 Castle Ct., Castle Court, Montrose, Houston

A Valentines Day note from the regional property manager of Greystar to residents of The Place Apartments at 1341 Castle Ct. informs them that “the date for vacating” the 90-unit complex hugging the north side of the Southwest Fwy. has been pushed back to September 30. Lease renewals will be extended to that date, and space is now available: Tenants are being offered a $200 prize for referring any “friend or co-worker looking for short term housing.


The manager began a series of vague communications with tenants in November, after taking over duties for the property’s new owner, Dallas development firm Encore Enterprises. A note at that time hinted without stating that all residents would need to leave by the end of April.

The latest message is slightly more explicit about redevelopment plans after the rescheduled drop-lease date: “The new site will begin construction shortly after we close and we hope you will consider us again for you housing needs when we open backup,” it says. A token gift included with the new letter hints at some recognition of how daunting an apartment search may be for residents seeking replacement housing in the area that’s comparably priced: Enclosed with each letter is a $10 gift card to the Black Hole Coffee House — around the corner on Graustark St.


Have a Cup of Coffee, Sweet

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  • That’s a drag. Lots of Rice students live there, or did back in the day, anyway.

  • On Westheimer over the weekend there was a sign twirler advertising a rent special at the La Maison apartment complex. Maybe the supply is starting to run a little ahead of the demand.

  • I lived at the PLace when I first moved to Houston. Rather liked it. They even upgraded most of the units.

  • I always liked that site for land speculation or eventually for new apartments, but it was generally agreed-upon in development circles that even if you built something tall enough to bee seen from within the trenched part of US 59 (and because you weren’t gonna see it from Richmond), that it was still too difficult for drive-by traffic to navigate to. That was about two years ago. My, how times have changed.

    Has drive-by traffic gotten smarter, has the development community forgotten lessons of the past, or was I very simply right all along? Probably a little bit from each column.

  • Man i hope they build a 10 story or taller building…

  • A friend friend from Bahrai lived there in the 1970’s. The complex needs to be replaced. With a 30 story building,with ground floor retail!!!

  • Grey Star in Houston is like the Evil Empire..They like to buy and tear down..they seem to derive pleasure in kicking people out of their homes instead of buying vacant land to build on…fast forward to
    Houston Texas June 2018…Grey Star told residents they would not be asked to vacant until the end of 2019,,and maybe longer! Now suddenly those Sly Schemers as we “affectionately” call them…told residents they must be out in six months..end of December. They LOVE to pick the holidays to kick people out….and expect them to
    go traipsing around in this Houston deathly heat looking for a new apartment. They did not mind going up on rent this past year knowing what little game they were playing