Getting Out of The Place?

GETTING OUT OF THE PLACE? Photo and Flyer Distributed at The Place Apartment Homes, 1341 Castle Ct., Montrose, HoustonA flyer distributed over the weekend to the front doors of a seventies-era apartment Castle Court complex that hugs the Southwest Fwy. warns tenants that plans are afoot to demolish the property next year. Greystar took over management of The Place Apartment Homes, down a driveway at 1341 Castle Ct. in Montrose, in late October. The new unsigned notice, which is clearly not from the management company or the property’s owner, claims eviction notices have been sent out to “tenants who are just one day late (from the grace period) paying their rent,” and asserts that all apartments will be vacated by the end of April: “We recommend ensuring your rent is payed on time and carefully reading any addendum to a current leasing agreement that is presented by the new management,” warns the anonymous pamphleteer. “The purpose of this notice is to inform tenants of recent developments, hopefully allowing tenants to protect themselves.” [Swamplot inbox] Photo:

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  • Dan Braun bought The Place at the end of 2011 from the estate of Mark Sayers that had owned the property for 20+ years. Braun Enterprises has been pretty active in the Inner Loop for the past few years, most notably Harolds in the Heights.

  • Ever since the invention of the printing press, pamphlets have been an effective, low cost tool for grassroots organizing. It’s nice to see that some things have survived in the internet age (at least for now).

  • As a tenant yesterday I received a letter from the Management company, addressing all of the items in this posting.. At the very bottom, they mention that they purchased the property with the intention of “leasing it down” between now and April 30th, 2014.

    I’d say that’s a confirmation the “The Place Apartments” will be No Longer. “Leasing Down” fancy term for closing up shop..

  • also in their latest notice to tenants – rent must be paid in person or via mail. This notice was just rolled and stuffed between the doorknob and frame (good thing the wind had died down) on Nov 26th with two business days in a holiday weekend before the due date on Sun. Dec. 1st. To add to the jumping through hoops fun, they don’t adhere to their own shortened office hours or answer their phones. Hmmm … more evictions to come?

  • No one answers the phone :/ get directed to leave a message or try again during normal business hours

    Since when is 11:46 not normal business hours?

  • Cheers to that resident. There is nothing like good old fashion communication with neighbors. Reminds me the time i spent $75 for an electrician to come out then found out two neighbors did the same thing when it was all a center point issues. If one of us had communicated, we would have most all saved 75-100 bucks.

  • Well, they obviously plan on selling out. Hope the people buying the overpriced, tacky townhomes that will be built remember the 18-wheeler that crashed off the 59 freeway into “The Place” 10 or 15 years ago.

  • Boy you never cease to live up to your moniker Miss_Msry (Misery). Perhaps you should worry that a dinosaur tromped around in your back yard a million years ago.

  • Wow. I lived at the place for about 18 months when I moved down here. They were renovating units to increase rents. Did not expect The Place to be torn down. I know someone who has lived there 20+ years. Oh my.

  • ” JT November 26, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    Boy you never cease to live up to your moniker Miss_Msry (Misery). Perhaps you should worry that a dinosaur tromped around in your back yard a million years ago.”

    Sorry it, but that part of 59, is not recessed and that is a REAL PROBLEM THERE. I lived in that neighborhood for 25 years, so I know a little about some of the problems there. Where were you?

  • @Miss_Msry. Guess you moved away before 2005 because the freeway has been depressed through that area since then. Where was I? Not being a Henny Penny more than likely.