Around the Bends in a Renovated Montrose Foursquare



Is the weight of the holiday season and its accompanying festoonage taking a toll on this updated 1929 home in East Montrose? Or was the polished-up property just under a lot of pressure (top) during its listing photo-op? The 3-bedroom, 2-and-a-half-bath property popped up on the market Sunday with a straight-up $840,000 price tag.



On the slightly flexed front porch, the bows come in ribbon and column form (above). The leaded glass entry with side lights, facing south, has escaped the squeeze play.


Columns and garlands inside share a swag effect:



Granite countertops in the overhauled kitchen give the place some bearing:



HCAD indicates the corner-lot property, located near Taft St. north of Fairview, was remodeled last year. The listing says the redo took it to the studs and replaced the wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, walls, flooring, and appliances.


All bedrooms in the 2,709-sq.-ft. home are upstairs. The master suite has a sitting room (above), an updated bathroom (below) . . .


a view of surprisingly vertical downtown skyscrapers . . .


and a closet measuring 10 ft. x 13 ft., presumably with rods less likely to roller coaster any hanging items than implied in this photo:


Two secondary bedrooms upstairs also dance by:



They share a covered, flexible balcony:


Decked Halls

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  • Am happy to see these old houses being reclaimed/restored. I think the same developer did the 503 Welch restoration – also a nice job.

  • Maybe one day real estate agents will take proper pictures of a home.

  • Wow, you get buy a mansion in gorgeous Historic Monte Vista for 900000. I too am pleased this home was savaged, but 840000 for a simple wooden house, lacking great mill work, and on a very mediocre street. I think this price is more than a bit ambitious, I wouldn’t even bother enquiring at this absurd price.

  • So much better than a wall of cheaply-built town homes with front-facing garages.

  • I saw the transformation of this home, it was practically rebuilt, and to code. The back part of the home is new, and added on. The views of downtown, especially at night, are stunning; the location is great and one can walk to the clubs, restaurants, even walk to downtown. Someone said they could get a mansion in some historic neighborhood… I had never heard of that location, but this house is in Montrose, in Houston TX. You can’t compare it to anything else not in Montrose.

    I agree with the sentiment expressed here in that the house was saved from the developers. If you live in East Montrose, you will see a lot of new construction. Old homes are demolished by the week and replaced with two crowded units, more if the lot is larger. The Welch home, along with any other surviving old homes, will seem like an island oasis in a sea of redundant four story, hodgepodge homes. When the density of the area reaches it’s climax, the home with yard and two car garage will make the 840K price tag seem like a bargain.

  • Would have liked more age (of the house) appropriate kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Where’s the driveway and the garage. There’s not even a pool. $840,000.00, no wonder my taxes keep going up.

  • I was going to comment on the house, but have now got a bad headache from barrel distortion poisoning. Hope to God this is not a new trend in real estate listings.

  • It’s only a three-block walk from Lankford’s Grocery — that’s worth an extra $25,000 right there in my book.

  • I rented upstairs in the old house for 7+ years and it was charming despite falling into disrepair. I’m glad it wasn’t torn down and feel this fits into East Montrose very well. To answer one commenter, there was no garage before but now there is one in the back. I agree with the comment that being a few blocks from Lankford’s is worth an extra 25 grand since I used to walk down there for a Red, White & Blue Burger whenever I worked from home.

  • The weight has been lifted… new photos on HAR.