Daily Demolition Report: Empty Hull

5726 Bayou Glen Rd., Tanglewood, Houston

Just not good enough. Must start over on these.


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Photo of 5726 Bayou Glen Rd.: HAR

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  • A lovely well built home, it speaks to the Integrity and design of its time with wonderful mature landscaping. What’s not so wonderful is the ignorance of those who think these homes are past their prime. Age is the patina of a home which becomes its character, it takes years for this to happen yet we’ve sterilized our city as if generations of architects never existed before. The modern Tuscan Manse is not the solution.

  • Ryan I agree with you. The problem is that even older houses that need some work are expensive in this market. So often it seems that by the time you have to pay to fix the issues that come with aging homes, update them or undo bad reno jobs, it just doesn’t make economic sense. Too often it makes more sense to tear the old structure down and build from scratch. But that only works if you can find a builder who does high quality work. But that also seems to be hard to come by. I am so tired of the overdone expensive-for-the-sake-of-being-expensive crap that’s ubiquitous in Houston.

  • http://houstonarea.har.com/5726-bayou-glen-houston-tx-77057/homevalue_3234700
    This was a 1970 house, so it shouldn’t have needed to be torn down based on condition. A good renovation and it would be as good as new. This one is a shame because the architecture is really aesthetically pleasing as it seems to be modeled after a house from a previous era even if it actually is only from 1970. It’s unlikely the new home will look anywhere near as good if the new construction on the street are any indication.