Comment of the Day: Apple Store Symbolism

COMMENT OF THE DAY: APPLE STORE SYMBOLISM “Given that none of Apple’s execs are women, a glass ceiling is entirely appropriate.” [Brad, commenting on Highland Village Apple Store Will Have Glass Ceiling, Front, and Back]

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  • Im always taken by Houston’s Identity crisis (bless our heart). We tend to name places and projects that will, perhaps, make us believe that we are anyplace but here. A great example was the “Costwald” streetscape project downtown. Or…South Beach the Night Club. Or maybe even our beloved Montrose. Mountain Rose? Really now! Anyway…thought this “theme” may make a good category for the awards. And I’m not even talking about Architectual “themes” which are just as dishonest.

  • Also, does anyone else think that the design looks more than a little like a protestant church, with the vaulted roof, minimal design, and the identical tables setup in rows looking like pews?

  • I LOVE Comment of the Day. Look at the big brain on Brad!

  • Where the heck will everyone park????????