Comment of the Day: Big Signs for Big Texas Corners

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BIG SIGNS FOR BIG TEXAS CORNERS “I wish they’d rethink the billboard laws in Texas. Allow more and bigger billboards. The billboards could be taxed, and the money earmarked to our State Parks — they desperately need it. Scenic routes could be designated in certain places, and billboards banned there. This would turn the buildings at the intersections of freeways into major advertising opportunities. It wouldn’t matter if the buildings lose money, the giant billboards on the roofs would make whatever profit the owners need. Or they might wind up demolishing the buildings to put billboards up in their place.” [ZAW, commenting on Comment of the Day: The Black Holes Where Freeways Intersect] Illustration: Lulu

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  • All of 1960 north of I-10 to I-45 is plastered with billboards and signs, except for outside Copperfield place which has deed restrictions. The billboards are atrocious and Copperfield a little respite of nice hwy. Please keep the billboards out.

  • I’m glad the trees along I-10 between Shepherd and Washington are finally blocking them. Part of revitalizing an area is getting rid of that crap. They’ll end up dominating the skyline in poorer areas and keep the cycle going.

  • At first thought, this is crazy. But after reflecting on the current deplorable Houston freeway vistas, I may support this. I mean, the Houston road system is simply too much ugliness to overcome, so why not go all the way? On a related note, the first company to offer level 5 self-driving cars with no windows in Houston is going to make a fortune.

  • Man, it’s tough to get appreciation for satire these days…

  • Equally tough is appreciation of Poe’s law.

  • Didnt they already have a special tax for parks, but then somehow it never got used for them?