Comment of the Day: But a Spoonful of Sugar Will Help the History Go Down

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BUT A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR WILL HELP THE HISTORY GO DOWN “If you won’t drink coffee at the former Mary’s building, then you probably don’t want to know what went on at The Empire Cafe, when it was known as The Locker.” [Darogr, commenting on Restored Mary’s Mural on Westheimer Painted Over Again]

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  • Oh I remember The Locker and laugh at all the straight folk that flock there

  • If you can’t handle that, you sure don’t want to eat at Carraba’s on Kirby. Hee, Hee.

  • miss msry, what about the carraba’s on kirby??? do you care to elaborate on your assertion or is this gonna be just another of those vague attempts at defaming a business you previously or currently work for? how sad…

  • HaHa!! Carraba’s past is more than an assertion.

  • Didn’t Chutes arrive after The Locker?

  • There used to be a porn shop on Kirby about where Carabba’s is now. Might be the same building.

  • And don’t forget “The Ball Park” at what is now Divino on W. Alabama! I’ve been trying to remember the name of the prior establishment at Empire–Chutes sounds right…from the mid-1980’s, and The Locker before that.

  • I remember Empire to be a bar called the Different Drum. Across the street was another bar called the Loading Dock.

  • I’ll take a gay dance club over most of the crap popping up along Washington and now White Oak. I don’t get the whole stand around and hold a drink vibe on Washington. Don’t people like to dance anymore?

  • … or buy your antiques at the Westheimer Antique Flea Market, formerly The Loading Dock.

  • @ marmer – It is exactly the same building. I couldn’t have a meal there forever, and I used to patronize the previous occupant. Only for foreign art magazines, of course.

  • Remember the mummification story in the Public News? That was Chutes. Brotherhood of Pain…

  • I kind of wish I knew what you all are talking about