Comment of the Day: Dick Cheney’s Bird Shot and My Food Truck Pedigree

COMMENT OF THE DAY: DICK CHENEY’S BIRD SHOT AND MY FOOD TRUCK PEDIGREE “‘glorified Roach coaches’? Some maybe but certainly not all. I was one of the first to start a gourmet food truck in the Houston area almost three years ago. I have been interviewed by several newspapers in Houston and have done numerous live television cooking from that truck. I am no longer in the business of food trucks because Houston guidelines made it too difficult to make any money. Now to address your ‘glorified Roach coach’ comment. I have a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu in France. I have been in kitchens for 24 years and currently work as a Corporate Executive Chef for a very large food purveyor. My work history includes having run 4 and 5 star hotels as Exec Chef, working as Exec Chef for numerous high-end New American cuisine restaurants, I have developed many menus in many cities and chances are you have probably eaten at one or more of them. I worked at The Food Network in NYC and was personal chef for George and Barbara Bush and yes I was at the ranch when Cheney shot Harry Whittington while bird hunting (it was Harry’s fault by the way and I have proof!) When I owned the food truck I carried an insurance policy with 2 million dollars of coverage (the same that any restaurant carries) and my kitchen was always spectacularly clean. I, like many other chefs, take a lot of pride in what I serve to you. My food is my craft and what I put on the plate is a direct reflection of me, my integrity and my love for what I do. Unless you have ever worked in a kitchen professionally, please refrain from making blanket statements about the men and women that run some of these fabulous mobile kitchens. You would be surprised about the background of many of them.” [Jason, commenting on Mobile Food Vendors Mobilize]

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  • The very definition of ‘someone touched a nerve.’

  • I’d say that’s some proper and righteous indignation!

  • “Oh SNAP!”

  • “I am no longer in the business of food trucks because Houston guidelines made it too difficult to make any money.” Isn’t this the type of thing one researches BEFORE they invest in a business?

  • Uh, Walt, you definitely can’t foresee every possible obstacle to any business in advance. If you could, a lot fewer business would fail so quickly.

    Particularly if you are a pioneer or early adopter in a particular business.

    Also, city, state, and federal guidelines change often–so, what was once a reasonably profitable venture can quickly become illegal or unsustainable with a simple change in regulation.

    And then there’s always the “you don’t know until you give it a shot” concept. I mean, if you have a passion for something and are willing to take the risk–why not?

    I have a friend who gave the food truck thing a try as well–and he shut it down and sold the truck for the same reason. He said the city and/or county guidelines were ridiculously restrictive and costly. More so than for a restaurant that was not on 4 wheels. If you’ve every dealt much with the city–or ANY government body for that matter–you know that they don’t make anything easy, anything, or anything simple or logical. Kafka captured that universal principle beautifully in his writing. Every time I have to go down to the city to pull a permit I leave the Planning Department either wanting to shoot somebody or shoot myself. I’m sure the Health Department is just as much of a nightmare. :)

  • I’d be happy to eat your work

  • Jared,
    Can we equally not blanket the entire government entity as being obstructive. It’s far from being perfect, but some things are necessary and significant. Look at Chinese air quality and clandestine regulation of manufacturing. It’s a tool that must progress and adjust to the current times. Unfortunately its the intermittent degrees of self serving corruptions within small factions that ruin the face of the larger picture. The regulations are definitely over-reaching in some areas, but some are clearly necessary.

  • I was going to comment but Jared nailed it. Regulations and laws change. You can plan for the unknown but you can’t plan for what the government may decide to do to you.
    And not to get political but I’m stunned by the fact people want the state to have even MORE power over our lives. What have we become?

  • F- food trucks. I’m much more interested in proof that it was Harry’s fault that he got shot in the face. Care to offer up your proof or is this just more huffing and puffing like the rest of your post, Jason?

  • Oh stop being so glib, Cody. I’m no fan of everything that gubment does for/to us but there’s plenty of areas that you’d like it have more control over. It seems that just don’t know it.

  • Sorry Dude, but the majority of food trucks in Houston ARE ROACH COACHES. The Yuppie F-Trucks, maybe not so much.

  • Jason,
    Keep up the good work.

  • Jared – I know how frustrating it can be to deal with the City, but laws don’t just materialize out of thin air. Usually someone complained or lobbied the City. In the case of food trucks it might have been retauranteurs themselves. Sometimes new regulations or enforcement comes as a result of a catastrophe. They’ve stepped up enforcement for fire code violations in older office buildings, for example, because of a fire in March 2007 where 3 people died and 6 were injured.
    That said, I agree with most of what the food truck operators want. As I said before, I would however like a rule that allows Super Neighborhoods and Management Districts to set up “no food truck areas,” similar to the block designations under the Prohibited Yard Parking Ordinance. That way it’s up to local business owners and residents.

  • Is Jason’s comment for real a parody of all the uber-conceited d-bags that operate and frequent food trucks on Washington and surrounding areas? If real, then with the total absence of humility, it’s not too hard to see why his truck failed.

  • @htownproud. The only reason I mentioned my background was to backup my statement that some trucks in Houston are run by people with experience. When you point your finger at the so called “d-bags” how many fingers are pointing back at you? @walrus I think you must have me confused with another Jason I have never posted anything negative,I rarely post anything on here. Common name, easy mistake. As far as proof, Harry himself will tell you it was his fault. If you really need to know the details we can meet for coffee and discuss in person….

  • Link to an interesting Houston Press article talking about the City’s restrictive food cart laws and efforts to mobilize:
    The article is nearly two years old, but still relevant today. I’ve always suspected that the city ordinances had an undercurrent of racism, and the term “roach coach” makes me queasy for completely non-food related reasons.

  • Jason, Yeh, we know. Harry apologized to Dick for getting shot by Dick. This is common knowledge. I’m sorry. I thought you had some other information other than what you can find with a simple google search since you said you had “proof”. Ridiculous.

  • Rental me this: Undercurrent of racism? That’s such a stupid thing to say unless you have hard proof. Saying “Racism!” is for those that have no intellectual argument to make.
    If you were referring to the racism claim in the article rather than making the claim yourself, then I’ll direct my reply to the Houston Press article writer.