Comment of the Day: Fiberglass Pear Trail Just Following in Pearland’s Historic Fruit Fakeout Footsteps

COMMENT OF THE DAY: FIBERGLASS PEAR TRAIL JUST FOLLOWING IN PEARLAND’S HISTORIC FRUIT FAKEOUT FOOTSTEPS Pearland Commute“The only relationship that pears have to Pearland is that the early developers were trying to entice people to move to the area by claiming that there were pear orchards. (But there is a Figland St. in Pearland.)” [marmer, commenting on Re-Pearing the Pearland Brand] Illustration: Lulu

One Comment

  • The Figland St. naming has to do with the history of Pearland’s next-door neighbor, Friendswood. The early economy of Friendswood was based largely on figs and the small factories (“fig plants”) that turned them into syrups. This waned as the larger local economy became less agrarian. To be honest, I don’t know if there’s even one fig tree left in Friendswood… but there are several ornamental pear trees.