Comment of the Day: Hurricane Ritas

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HURRICANE RITAS “I know there are people who ‘go out for Margaritas’ . . . that is, they are looking for a good ’Rita and don’t care that much about the food. However, I don’t think that means a place can succeed if that’s all they’ve got. No shortage in this town of good ’Ritas or good Mexican food or places that can do both, like Hugo’s or Sylvia’s. On the other hand, I have a fond memory of the Ninfa’s on Kirby because they were open right after Ike when most of the city was still without power. Under those circumstances, I thought the food was awesome.” [toadfroggy, commenting on Out with Mama Ninfa’s, in with Maggie Rita’s]

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  • For years, El Patio/Club No Minor had the strong marguerita and bad food market cornered. Molinas too.

  • Whoah, someone actually likes Hugo’s? That place routinely takes the crown of overpriced and under performing food.

  • “However, I don’t think that means a place can succeed if that’s all they’ve got.”

    Somebody need to tell Teala’s then. People certainly don’t go there for the food.

  • Just say “top shelf” most anywhere. What you’ll get is a considerable quantity of tequila (maybe w/a bit of l’orange liquor dumped on top). Will it be a higher grade tequila? Maybe, maybe not…but it WILL be very strong.

    This is a relatively (2-3 yr old) development.

    Repeat after me: “Top Shelf, por favor”.

    Solves all but the drive home.

  • Tealas is pretty good, but is fusion texmex/thai food (read the menu). It’s Tila’s that’s overpriced and mediocre just down the street..

  • The one is on West Dallas is the good one. I can’t ever remember which Tila’s/Teala’s is which.

    The restaurant on Shepard has too many dishes with mole and whatnot.

  • The fact that Chuy’s and Molina’s are still in business, proves the fact that shitty food and just something called a margarita are good enough for fat Houstonians.

  • funny to hear them called ‘ritas’. I cut the word in half too, but use the other half. I call them ‘margs’.
    I even use it as a verb “I’m going to go marg”. “Time to marg”. “Lets marg”. Only later do I use it as a noun (“Stupid @#$ margs!”) :)

  • I thought margarita was pizza, hehe.. And it is in Italy/Italian.. Named for the queen, white dough, red sauce, green basil. Simple and delicious, no tequila required.